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Matias Verdún - Stats and titles won - 2023
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Matias Verdún

Born on :  March 16, 1998 (25 years)
Nationality  : Paraguay 
Best foot : Right foot

Current season statistics (2023)

0 Goals 1 Assists
5 Victories 10 Losses
19 Played matches 688 Minutes played
4 Yellow cards 1 Red cards
Main position
Centre Midfield0%

Verdún's career statisticsLast updated on 07/12/2023 at 07:11

SeasonClubLeagueContinentNat. cupsInternationalTotal
tier Games Games played Goals for goals Assists ass. Efficiency eff. Games Games played Goals for goals Assists ass. Efficiency eff. Games Games played Goals for goals Assists ass. Efficiency eff. Games Games played Goals for goals Assists ass. Efficiency eff. Games Games played Goals for goals Assists ass. Efficiency eff.
2023 Tacuary11712191
Club Competition Games Goals forAssistsEfficiency
Tacuary Copa TIGO-Visión Banco 171
Tacuary Copa Sudamericana 2
2022 Rubio Ñu



Player's evolution

*The FBDB Index is an automatically engineered figure based on player's statistical performances during each game he is involved in.


01/01/23 > TacuaryFree
01/01/22 > 01/01/23 Rubio Ñu

Player career by clubLast updated on 17/11/2023 at 07:41

Club Games Played matches Goals for Goals Assists Assists Efficiency Efficiency Minutes played Minutes played Yellow cards Yellow cards Red cards Red cards Match starts Match starts V Victories L Losses
logo Tacuary Tacuary1916884142%826%553%10

Results with or without him

Season Club When present When absent Influence
v l Total v l Total
2023 Tacuary 26% 53% 19 25% 50% 32 Very slightly positive
2022 Rubio Ñu 0% 0% 0% 0% 0 -

Key figures

icon stats
He hasn't won in División Profesional any of the last 4 matches
icon stats
Verdún hasn't won all competitions included any of the last 4 matches

First times

Date Competition Games Score First times


25/02/2023 CTIGOVB Libertad - Tacuary 1 - 0 First match with the club, first loss
14/03/2023 CTIGOVB Guarani - Tacuary 1 - 0 First start
20/03/2023 CTIGOVB Tacuary - Resistencia 2 - 0 First victory
16/09/2023 CTIGOVB Tacuary - Libertad 0 - 4 First red card

Player's career by competitionLast updated on 17/11/2023 at 07:41

Competition Games Played matches Goals for Goals Efficiency Efficiency Assists Assists Own goals Own goals Minutes played Minutes played Match starts Match starts Yellow cards Yellow cards Red cards Red cards V Victories D Draws L Losses
División Profesional División Profesional17162941%7129%518%353%9
Copa Sudamericana Copa Sudamericana25950%150%150%1

Player's results for each season

Season Club Tier Rk. pts MP V D L GF GA
2023 Tacuary 1A 11 0 1 0 0 1 0 2

Last games

Date Competition Round Team 1 Score Team 2 Score Minutes played Goals for Own goals Assists Yellow cards Red cards
November 29, 202329/11CTIGOVBRound 22Libertad1 - 2TacuaryAbsent
November 23, 202323/11CTIGOVBRound 21Tacuary1 - 1LuqueAbsent
November 12, 202312/11CTIGOVBRound 20Cerro Porteño1 - 1Tacuary0 minute
November 05, 202305/11CTIGOVBRound 19Tacuary1 - 0TrinidenseAbsent
November 02, 202302/11CTIGOVBRound 18Resistencia1 - 3TacuaryAbsent
October 27, 202327/10CTIGOVBRound 17Tacuary3 - 0Gen. CaballeroAbsent
October 23, 202323/10CTIGOVBRound 16CS Ameliano2 - 1TacuaryAbsent
October 18, 202318/10CTIGOVBRound 15Tacuary1 - 3GuaireñaAbsent
October 08, 202308/10CTIGOVBRound 14Guarani2 - 0TacuaryAbsent
September 30, 202330/09CTIGOVBRound 13Tacuary0 - 3NacionalAbsent
September 23, 202323/09CTIGOVBRound 12Tacuary0 - 0OlimpiaAbsent
September 16, 202316/09CTIGOVBRound 11Tacuary0 - 4Libertad12 MinutesYellow cardsRed cards
September 10, 202310/09CTIGOVBRound 10Luque3 - 1Tacuary25 Minutes
September 02, 202302/09CTIGOVBRound 9Tacuary1 - 1Cerro Porteño31 MinutesYellow cards
August 26, 202326/08CTIGOVBRound 8Trinidense1 - 1TacuaryAbsent
August 21, 202321/08CTIGOVBRound 7Tacuary1 - 0Resistencia20 Minutes
August 14, 202314/08CTIGOVBRound 6Gen. Caballero0 - 0TacuaryAbsent
August 07, 202307/08CTIGOVBRound 5Tacuary2 - 2CS AmelianoAbsent
July 30, 202330/07CTIGOVBRound 4Guaireña1 - 2Tacuary35 Minutes1Yellow cards
July 21, 202321/07CTIGOVBRound 3Tacuary0 - 1GuaraniAbsent
July 17, 202317/07CTIGOVBRound 2Nacional1 - 1TacuaryAbsent
July 08, 202308/07CTIGOVBRound 1Olimpia1 - 2TacuaryAbsent
June 28, 202328/06CSRound 6RB Bragantino7 - 1TacuaryAbsent
June 11, 202311/06CTIGOVBRound 22Tacuary2 - 2Cerro PorteñoAbsent
June 08, 202308/06CSRound 5Oriente1 - 3TacuaryAbsent
June 03, 202303/06CTIGOVBRound 21Nacional2 - 0TacuaryAbsent
May 30, 202330/05CTIGOVBRound 20Tacuary3 - 1LuqueAbsent
May 25, 202325/05CSRound 4Tacuary0 - 4Estudiantes LPAbsent
May 22, 202322/05CTIGOVBRound 19Resistencia1 - 0TacuaryAbsent
May 17, 202317/05CTIGOVBRound 18Tacuary1 - 3GuaraniAbsent
May 12, 202312/05CTIGOVBRound 17CS Ameliano2 - 1Tacuary11 Minutes
May 08, 202308/05CTIGOVBRound 16Tacuary3 - 0Libertad27 Minutes
May 02, 202302/05CSRound 3Tacuary3 - 1OrienteOn the bench
April 27, 202327/04CTIGOVBRound 15Gen. Caballero1 - 0Tacuary72 Minutes
April 23, 202323/04CTIGOVBRound 14Tacuary0 - 1Olimpia76 Minutes
April 18, 202318/04CSRound 2Estudiantes LP4 - 0Tacuary45 Minutes
April 15, 202315/04CTIGOVBRound 13Guaireña0 - 1Tacuary70 Minutes
April 12, 202312/04CTIGOVBRound 12Tacuary0 - 1Trinidense23 Minutes
April 09, 202309/04CTIGOVBRound 11Cerro Porteño1 - 0Tacuary61 MinutesYellow cards
April 06, 202306/04CSRound 1Tacuary1 - 4RB BragantinoAbsent
March 31, 202331/03CTIGOVBRound 10Tacuary0 - 0Nacional57 Minutes
March 26, 202326/03CTIGOVBRound 9Luque2 - 0TacuaryAbsent
March 20, 202320/03CTIGOVBRound 8Tacuary2 - 0Resistencia45 Minutes
March 14, 202314/03CTIGOVBRound 7Guarani1 - 0Tacuary57 Minutes
March 07, 202307/03CSFirst roundTacuary2 - 24-2 s.oGen. Caballero14 Minutes
March 02, 202302/03CTIGOVBRound 6Tacuary1 - 3CS AmelianoOn the bench
February 25, 202325/02CTIGOVBRound 5Libertad1 - 0Tacuary7 Minutes
February 19, 202319/02CTIGOVBRound 4Tacuary1 - 1Gen. CaballeroAbsent
February 12, 202312/02CTIGOVBRound 3Olimpia4 - 0TacuaryAbsent
February 03, 202303/02CTIGOVBRound 2Tacuary1 - 2GuaireñaAbsent
January 28, 202328/01CTIGOVBRound 1Trinidense2 - 0TacuaryAbsent
First XI
On the bench

Match ratings and personal notes

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Closest teammates

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photo Ruiz Oscar Ruiz Compare 15 Games
Ronal Dominguez Compare 14 Games
photo Servín Carlos Servín Compare 13 Games
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Most visited opponents

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Player's teammates


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