Asian Cup 2011

Venue Qatar
Type of clubsA - Tier1
Games played32
Goals scored90 (2.81 goals per match)

Official squadsLast updated on 11/08/2020 at 14:44

AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
32 yearsGoalkeeperG171m8568 kg Al Ittihad 
22 yearsGoalkeeperG01m8572 kg Al Shabab 
25 yearsGoalkeeperG171m9186 kg Al Shabab 
29 yearsCentral defenderCD331m8674 kg Al Ittihad 
27 yearsCentral defenderCD321m8577 kg Al Hilal 
27 yearsCentral defenderCD161m8780 kg Al Ittihad 
28 yearsVersatile DefenderVD41m7662 kg Al Ahli 
27 yearsDefenderD261m7164 kg Al Shabab 
29 yearsDefenderD171m7770 kg Al Ahli 
26 yearsDefenderD141m6758 kg Al Shabab 
28 yearsDefenderD111m7571 kg Al Ittihad 
31 yearsCentre MidfieldCM461m8570 kg Al Ittihad 
31 yearsCentre MidfieldCM121m6556 kg Al Ittihad 
27 yearsVersatile MidfielderVM241m6969 kg Al Ahli 
28 yearsMidfieldM161m7573 kg Al Shabab 
23 yearsMidfieldM51m7265 kg Al Hilal 
28 yearsMidfieldM181m7067 kg Al Shabab 
31 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM431m6359 kg Al Hilal 
24 yearsOffensive MidfielderOM21m8079 kg Al Ahli 
23 yearsStrikerS101m8172 kg Al Ittihad 
29 yearsStrikerS461m7776 kg Al Hilal 
21 yearsForwardF01m6859 kg Al Hilal 
25 yearsForwardF71m8677 kg Al Wehda 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
39 yearsGoalkeeperG821m9485 kg Fulham 
29 yearsGoalkeeperG31m9084 kg Liverpool 
27 yearsGoalkeeperG11m9182 kg SönderjyskE 
29 yearsCentral defenderCD141m8683 kg Al Nassr 
32 yearsCentral defenderCD21m9595 kg Seongnam 
33 yearsRight central defenderRCD641m8580 kg Galatasaray 
23 yearsVersatile DefenderVD51m8887 kg Urawa 
30 yearsRight full-backRF501m7780 kg Dinamo 
29 yearsRight full-backRF32 Wellington 
28 yearsLeft full-backLF331m8178 kg Blackpool 
30 yearsCentre MidfieldCM131m8072 kg Hull City 
28 yearsCentre MidfieldCM71m7165 kg Brisbane 
27 yearsCentre MidfieldCM391m7773 kg AZ 
26 yearsCentre MidfieldCM31m7367 kg Leeds 
27 yearsRight central midfielderRCM181m8988 kg Gençlerbirligi 
27 yearsLeft central midfielderLCM311m8375 kg Sassuolo 
31 yearsLeft central midfielderLCM561m7675 kg Gold Coast 
32 yearsRight MidfielderRM781m8585 kg Blackburn 
23 yearsMidfieldM31m7370 kg AEK Athens 
33 yearsPlaymakerP471m8070 kg Galatasaray 
28 yearsSecond strikerSS211m7278 kg Middlesbrough 
32 yearsStrikerS461m7864 kg Everton 
23 yearsVersatile ForwardVF11m7972 kg Melbourne V. 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
29 yearsGoalkeeperG01m7570 kg Al Ahli 
31 yearsGoalkeeperG0 Al Muharraq 
28 yearsGoalkeeperG101m80 Al Ahli 
29 yearsCentral defenderCD4 Al Najma 
31 yearsCentral defenderCD271m8478 kg Al Sailiya 
31 yearsCentral defenderCD91m84 Al Muharraq 
29 yearsCentral defenderCD331m8574 kg Al Wehda 
24 yearsDefenderD8 Al Ahli 
25 yearsDefenderD2 Riffa 
24 yearsRight full-backRF271m7673 kg Xamax 
22 yearsLeft full-backLF51m7061 kg East Riffa 
34 yearsLeft full-backLF491m75 Al Arabi 
26 yearsLeft full-backLF321m7674 kg Al Sailiya 
27 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM101m81 Riffa 
31 yearsMidfieldM41 Al Muharraq 
21 yearsMidfieldM11m7973 kg Al Hidd 
24 yearsMidfieldM1 Riffa 
27 yearsMidfieldM13 Al Ahli 
27 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM271m7469 kg Al Muharraq 
26 yearsVersatile Offensive MidfielderVOM231m7678 kg Al Qadisiya 
25 yearsStrikerS331m8275 kg Al Nasr 
26 yearsStrikerS191m8180 kg Eskisehirspor 
26 yearsForwardF11 Al Muharraq 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
24 yearsGoalkeeperG91m8878 kg Henan 
26 yearsGoalkeeperG11m8576 kg Jiangsu 
28 yearsGoalkeeperG211m8679 kg Beijing Guoan 
29 yearsRight central defenderRCD551m8680 kg Zhejiang 
27 yearsDefenderD141m8576 kg Shandong 
28 yearsDefenderD201m8375 kg Henan 
22 yearsDefenderD01m84 Chengdu 
22 yearsRight full-backRF151m85 Guangzhou 
24 yearsLeft full-backLF271m8072 kg Zhejiang 
24 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM131m7875 kg Jiangsu 
26 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM401m8585 kg Renhe 
28 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM221m7566 kg Beijing Guoan 
24 yearsLeft MidfielderLM201m8370 kg Renhe 
28 yearsLeft MidfielderLM71m7773 kg Zhejiang 
24 yearsMidfieldM151m7768 kg Jeonbuk 
30 yearsMidfieldM81m8075 kg Sh. Shenhua 
26 yearsMidfieldM41 Shandong 
23 yearsMidfieldM31m84 Dalian 
24 yearsOffensive MidfielderOM321m7875 kg Schalke 04 
23 yearsOffensive MidfielderOM211m81 Shandong 
30 yearsStrikerS671m81 Renhe 
25 yearsForwardF421m87 Guangzhou 
24 yearsForwardF81m8880 kg Liaoning 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
25 yearsGoalkeeperG331m8779 kg Pyongyang City 
23 yearsGoalkeeperG01m7380 kg Sobaeksu 
27 yearsGoalkeeperG91m81 Amrokgang 
24 yearsCentral defenderCD301m78 Sobaeksu 
26 yearsCentral defenderCD341m84 Amrokgang 
23 yearsDefenderD151m83 Amrokgang 
24 yearsDefenderD161m7870 kg Kyonggongop 
26 yearsFull-backF361m83 April 25 
26 yearsRight full-backRF341m7876 kg Wil 
23 yearsLeft full-backLF121m69 Amrokgang 
33 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM231m8280 kg Kashiwa 
35 yearsLeft MidfielderLM241m76 April 25 
22 yearsMidfieldM71m7568 kg Unknown 
33 yearsMidfieldM381m67 April 25 
23 yearsMidfieldM51m7266 kg Pyongyang City 
26 yearsMidfieldM381m72 April 25 
28 yearsMidfieldM371m82 Pyongyang City 
29 yearsOffensive MidfielderOM91m7372 kg Sendai 
29 yearsPlaymakerP291m7468 kg Free 
27 yearsStrikerS251m8179 kg Bochum 
23 yearsForwardF91m7880 kg Rimyongsu 
26 yearsForwardF171m78 Rimyongsu 
24 yearsForwardF191m8275 kg Rimyongsu 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
24 yearsGoalkeeperG01m9278 kg Cerezo 
32 yearsGoalkeeperG211m8982 kg FC Seoul 
26 yearsGoalkeeperG231m9086 kg Suwon 
22 yearsCentral defenderCD31m8677 kg Jeju United 
31 yearsCentral defenderCD341m8576 kg Al Sadd 
28 yearsCentral defenderCD401m8271 kg Al Rayyan 
30 yearsRight central defenderRCD161m8580 kg UHFC 
30 yearsDefenderD41m8680 kg Suwon 
34 yearsFull-backF1211m7666 kg Al Hilal 
31 yearsRight full-backRF511m8179 kg Celtic 
28 yearsRight full-backRF101m7270 kg Sangmu 
22 yearsBox-to-box midfielderBM311m8975 kg Celtic 
22 yearsCentre MidfieldCM91m7672 kg Cerezo 
21 yearsCentre MidfieldCM31m7875 kg Gyeongnam 
25 yearsLeft central midfielderLCM11m7571 kg Suwon 
28 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM401m8280 kg Suwon 
22 yearsOffensive MidfielderOM101m8379 kg Jeju United 
30 yearsOffensive MidfielderOM971m7773 kg Man United 
23 yearsRight Offensive MidfielderROM321m8070 kg Bolton 
20 yearsStrikerS11m8881 kg Dragons 
23 yearsStrikerS31m9693 kg UHFC 
19 yearsVersatile ForwardVF11m8376 kg HSV 
23 yearsForwardF31m8376 kg Incheon Utd 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
32 yearsGoalkeeperG11m8578 kg Shabab Al Ahli 
24 yearsGoalkeeperG1 Al Jazira 
27 yearsGoalkeeperG301m7979 kg Al Wasl 
22 yearsCentral defenderCD01m8183 kg Al Shabab 
26 yearsCentral defenderCD141m8170 kg Al Shabab 
23 yearsCentral defenderCD111m8382 kg Al Ain 
22 yearsCentral defenderCD81m8577 kg Al Wadha 
24 yearsRight full-backRF51m7978 kg Al Jazira 
26 yearsLeft full-backLF151m8378 kg Shabab Al Ahli 
24 yearsLeft full-backLF11m87 Al Jazira 
22 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM31m6876 kg Baniyas 
31 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM261m72 Al Jazira 
28 yearsCentre MidfieldCM321m6871 kg Al Wadha 
28 yearsRight MidfielderRM16 Al Ain 
24 yearsLeft MidfielderLM111m7167 kg Al Wadha 
24 yearsLeft MidfielderLM191m7264 kg Al Nasr 
21 yearsMidfieldM31m75 Baniyas 
20 yearsOffensive MidfielderOM01m7362 kg Al Ain 
23 yearsRight Offensive MidfielderROM201m7473 kg Shabab Al Ahli 
20 yearsStrikerS121m8188 kg Shabab Al Ahli 
23 yearsForwardF21m8483 kg Al Wadha 
35 yearsForwardF131m7769 kg Al Wasl 
23 yearsForwardF301m7579 kg Al Wadha 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
19 yearsGoalkeeperG01m9798 kg Indian Ar. 
25 yearsGoalkeeperG161m85 Pune 
26 yearsGoalkeeperG01m8179 kg Dempo 
31 yearsCentral defenderCD121m77 Dempo 
25 yearsCentral defenderCD161m8682 kg Churchill Bros 
27 yearsCentral defenderCD141m89 Mohun Bagan 
27 yearsRight central defenderRCD111m86 East Bengal 
29 yearsDefenderD71m6865 kg East Bengal 
32 yearsDefenderD61m73 Unknown 
23 yearsDefenderD01m83 East Bengal 
24 yearsDefenderD41m8280 kg United Sikkim 
28 yearsRight full-backRF181m74 Mohun Bagan 
28 yearsMidfieldM141m7362 kg Churchill Bros 
32 yearsMidfieldM191m76 Dempo 
24 yearsMidfieldM21m86 Mohun Bagan 
32 yearsMidfieldM141m76 East Bengal 
29 yearsMidfieldM101m6872 kg Dempo 
28 yearsMidfieldM15 Chirag United 
24 yearsOffensive MidfielderOM51m75 East Bengal 
29 yearsSecond strikerSS51m78 Churchill Bros 
27 yearsForwardF141m7072 kg Kansas City 
31 yearsForwardF71m8882 kg Mumbai 
35 yearsForwardF151m73 East Bengal 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
22 yearsGoalkeeperG21m85 Al Talaba 
20 yearsGoalkeeperG0 Al Karkh 
25 yearsGoalkeeperG131m81 Arbil 
25 yearsCentral defenderCD141m91 Al Khor 
25 yearsCentral defenderCD13 Al Zawra 
24 yearsCentral defenderCD41m82 Arbil 
26 yearsCentral defenderCD261m8073 kg Al Wakrah 
24 yearsRight full-backRF71m82 Al Najaf 
28 yearsRight full-backRF381m7570 kg Arbil 
19 yearsRight full-backRF11m90 Arbil 
29 yearsLeft full-backLF271m6563 kg Konyaspor 
30 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM261m6971 kg Qatar SC 
22 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM2 Al Qowa 
19 yearsMidfieldM21m8069 kg Arbil 
30 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM361m7065 kg Shahin Bushehr 
24 yearsRight Offensive MidfielderROM161m79 Teraktor Sazi 
27 yearsPlaymakerP291m8084 kg Al Wakrah 
24 yearsStrikerS141m80 Al Kharaitiyat 
29 yearsStrikerS211m7575 kg Shahin Bushehr 
24 yearsStrikerS101m76 Baniyas 
28 yearsStrikerS301m8680 kg Al Gharafa 
19 yearsRight WingerRW51m7065 kg Al Ahly T. 
20 yearsForwardF51m6961 kg Persija 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
27 yearsGoalkeeperG01m93 Zob Ahan 
28 yearsGoalkeeperG451m9080 kg Sepahan 
33 yearsGoalkeeperG461m95 Paykan 
32 yearsCentral defenderCD121m9186 kg Sepahan 
30 yearsCentral defenderCD481m8585 kg Sepahan 
29 yearsCentral defenderCD491m8480 kg Sepahan 
30 yearsCentral defenderCD621m8678 kg Teraktor Sazi 
30 yearsDefenderD11m8976 kg Zob Ahan 
28 yearsRight full-backRF231m7461 kg Sepahan 
31 yearsLeft full-backLF271m8075 kg Malavan 
21 yearsLeft full-backLF311m7674 kg Sepahan 
28 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM501m8073 kg Teraktor Sazi 
27 yearsCentre MidfieldCM321m8473 kg Osasuna 
31 yearsLeft central midfielderLCM761m8678 kg Osasuna 
29 yearsMidfieldM401m7369 kg Esteghlal T. 
28 yearsMidfieldM11m8078 kg Zob Ahan 
28 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM171m86 Pirouzi 
27 yearsSecond strikerSS331m6972 kg Pirouzi 
28 yearsStrikerS81m8479 kg Steel Azin 
21 yearsStrikerS161m8677 kg Saipa 
28 yearsRight WingerRW311m6961 kg Zob Ahan 
29 yearsCentre forwardCF21m90 Foolad 
21 yearsCentre forwardCF11m8580 kg Foolad 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
22 yearsGoalkeeperG11m8780 kg FC Tokyo 
28 yearsGoalkeeperG161m8574 kg Lierse SK 
25 yearsGoalkeeperG31m8379 kg Sanfrecce 
28 yearsCentral defenderCD401m7869 kg FC Tokyo 
28 yearsCentral defenderCD11m8272 kg Urawa 
29 yearsCentral defenderCD41m8682 kg Kashima 
26 yearsCentral defenderCD11m7772 kg Kashima 
23 yearsCentral defenderCD11m8678 kg VVV-Venlo 
25 yearsFull-backF31m7764 kg Augsburg 
20 yearsRight full-backRF01m7672 kg Niigata 
23 yearsRight full-backRF331m7662 kg Schalke 04 
25 yearsLeft full-backLF341m7065 kg Cesena FC 
24 yearsCentre MidfieldCM11m7673 kg Urawa 
31 yearsCentre MidfieldCM1001m7770 kg Gamba 
27 yearsRight central midfielderRCM361m8065 kg Wolfsburg 
27 yearsMidfieldM61m7365 kg Nagoya 
30 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM291m7466 kg Grenoble 
25 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM351m7370 kg Shimizu 
26 yearsPlaymakerP01m7770 kg Kashima 
22 yearsPlaymakerP181m7263 kg Dortmund 
25 yearsPlaymakerP231m8274 kg CSKA 
30 yearsStrikerS71m8375 kg Iwata 
26 yearsForwardF01m8273 kg Sanfrecce 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
34 yearsGoalkeeperG101m78 Al Faysali 
29 yearsGoalkeeperG0 Shabab AOAQ 
29 yearsGoalkeeperG191m9088 kg Al Wahdat 
34 yearsCentral defenderCD26 Al Jazira 
33 yearsCentral defenderCD321m7874 kg Al Raed 
23 yearsCentral defenderCD51m88 Najran 
24 yearsCentral defenderCD0 Al Wehda 
29 yearsDefenderD0 Teshrin 
29 yearsLeft full-backLF11 Al Wahdat 
24 yearsLeft full-backLF01m84 Al Wahdat 
24 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM13 Al Faysali 
21 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM01m85 Al Arabi Jordan 
30 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM01m7972 kg Al Taawon 
24 yearsMidfieldM21m7570 kg Shabab AOAQ 
23 yearsMidfieldM21m7773 kg Al Jazira 
25 yearsMidfieldM3 Al Wahdat 
24 yearsMidfieldM01m77 Al Faysali 
29 yearsMidfieldM13 Al Faysali 
24 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM141m85 Shabab AOAQ 
31 yearsRight Offensive MidfielderROM221m7672 kg Emirates 
29 yearsPlaymakerP111m77 Al Kuwait 
20 yearsStrikerS01m7269 kg Al Ramtha 
25 yearsRight WingerRW141m78 Alki 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
24 yearsGoalkeeperG11m83 Al Salmiya 
24 yearsGoalkeeperG21m8583 kg Al Arabi Koweit 
30 yearsGoalkeeperG191m8170 kg Al Qadisiya 
27 yearsCentral defenderCD151m83 Al Qadisiya 
28 yearsCentral defenderCD281m8072 kg Al Shabab 
25 yearsDefenderD51m65 Al Arabi Koweit 
27 yearsDefenderD11m82 Al Arabi Koweit 
28 yearsRight full-backRF231m7065 kg Al Kuwait 
23 yearsRight full-backRF6 Al Qadisiya 
26 yearsLeft full-backLF131m7067 kg Al Kuwait 
24 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM111m9573 kg Al Qadisiya 
24 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM12 Al Qadisiya 
31 yearsLeft MidfielderLM301m7360 kg Al Kuwait 
30 yearsMidfieldM261m7367 kg Al Kuwait 
29 yearsMidfieldM14 Al Qadisiya 
23 yearsMidfieldM41m7470 kg Al Qadisiya 
28 yearsMidfieldM131m80 Al Arabi Koweit 
21 yearsStrikerS111m79 Kazma 
23 yearsRight WingerRW9 Kazma 
25 yearsForwardF10 Al Qadisiya 
25 yearsForwardF1 Al Shabab 
27 yearsForwardF101m81 Al Qadisiya 
26 yearsForwardF33 Al Nassr 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
28 yearsGoalkeeperG01m88 Nasaf 
27 yearsGoalkeeperG71m8584 kg Pakhtakor 
28 yearsGoalkeeperG381m82 Bunyodkor 
26 yearsCentral defenderCD231m9382 kg Bunyodkor 
25 yearsDefenderD51m8078 kg Al Ahli 
20 yearsDefenderD1 OKMK 
23 yearsLeft full-backLF91m7770 kg Pakhtakor 
24 yearsLeft full-backLF13 Bunyodkor 
26 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM231m8274 kg Bunyodkor 
24 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM311m8073 kg Pakhtakor 
30 yearsCentre MidfieldCM481m8577 kg Bunyodkor 
24 yearsLeft MidfielderLM61m7467 kg Sibir 
25 yearsMidfieldM141m8277 kg Bohemians 
25 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM131m8472 kg Vladikavkaz 
26 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM51m7468 kg Bunyodkor 
28 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM171m69 Al Duhail 
25 yearsRight Offensive MidfielderROM21m7363 kg Volga NN 
29 yearsPlaymakerP421m7872 kg Bunyodkor 
34 yearsPlaymakerP301m7969 kg Bunyodkor 
33 yearsStrikerS151m8381 kg Tobol 
27 yearsStrikerS371m8271 kg Suwon 
33 yearsStrikerS291m8778 kg Arsenal K 
28 yearsForwardF6 Andijan 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
26 yearsGoalkeeperG181m9085 kg Al Gharafa 
27 yearsGoalkeeperG01m77 Qatar SC 
21 yearsGoalkeeperG21m8579 kg Al Sadd 
25 yearsCentral defenderCD321m8378 kg Al Gharafa 
28 yearsCentral defenderCD121m8070 kg Al Gharafa 
25 yearsRight full-backRF71m6965 kg Al Rayyan 
25 yearsRight full-backRF191m8372 kg Al Sadd 
21 yearsLeft full-backLF221m8375 kg Al Sadd 
30 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM271m85 Al Sadd 
25 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM61m81 Al Sadd 
25 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM281m7770 kg Al Sadd 
27 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM61m7675 kg Al Gharafa 
23 yearsMidfieldM21m80 Al Arabi 
23 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM181m7162 kg Al Sadd 
19 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM11m70 Al Duhail 
29 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM191m6562 kg Zamalek 
21 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM101m7460 kg Al Sadd 
24 yearsLeft Offensive MidfielderLOM41m83 Umm Salal 
23 yearsOffensive MidfielderOM191m7266 kg Al Sadd 
32 yearsRight Offensive MidfielderROM221m7472 kg Al Rayyan 
23 yearsStrikerS51m79 Al Rayyan 
23 yearsStrikerS91m71 Al Sadd 
28 yearsStrikerS331m8679 kg Qatar SC 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
AgepositionPos.Int. matchesHeightWeightClubs
27 yearsGoalkeeperG11m84 Al Wahda 
32 yearsGoalkeeperG81m8075 kg Al Majd 
28 yearsGoalkeeperG271m85 Al Karama 
22 yearsCentral defenderCD11m83 Al Jaish 
29 yearsCentral defenderCD311m8686 kg Omayya 
28 yearsRight central defenderRCD101m7875 kg Al Karama 
28 yearsDefenderD271m82 Al Jaish 
26 yearsDefenderD121m85 Al Ittihad 
24 yearsDefenderD01m8678 kg Al Jaish 
26 yearsLeft full-backLF151m6665 kg Al Faisaly 
26 yearsLeft full-backLF1 Al Jaish 
29 yearsLeft full-backLF2 Al Majd 
23 yearsDefensive MidfielderDM01m82 Al Ittihad 
32 yearsCentre MidfieldCM11m7370 kg Aalborg 
25 yearsCentre MidfieldCM121m85 Al Karama 
24 yearsRight MidfielderRM11m80 Al Shorta 
29 yearsRight MidfielderRM231m6863 kg Al Qadisiya 
25 yearsMidfieldM5 Al Jaish 
27 yearsMidfieldM17 Al Karama 
28 yearsStrikerS20 Al Nasr 
27 yearsStrikerS121m8176 kg Wadi Degla 
27 yearsStrikerS51m8076 kg Lokeren 
28 yearsForwardF161m72 Al Qadisiya 
Played matchesGoalsEfficiencyOwn goalsAssistsMinutesycrcvl
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