Carabao Cup 2020/2021

Carabao Cup 2020/2021

Country England
Type of clubsA - Tier1
Games played84
Goals scored235 (2.8 goals per match)

Games list

2nd round+

September 15, 2020
Gillingham Sky Bet League One (3)1 15-4 s.oCoventry Sky Bet Championship (2)+
Middlesbrough Sky Bet Championship (2)0 2Barnsley Sky Bet Championship (2)+
Millwall Sky Bet Championship (2)3 1Cheltenham Sky Bet League Two (4)+
Reading Sky Bet Championship (2)0 1Luton Town Sky Bet Championship (2)+
Derby County Sky Bet Championship (2)1 2Preston NE Sky Bet Championship (2)+
Fleetwood Town Sky Bet League One (3)2 1Port Vale Sky Bet League Two (4)+
Newport County Sky Bet League Two (4)1 0Cambridge United Sky Bet League Two (4)+
Oxford United Sky Bet League One (3)1 10-3 s.oWatford Sky Bet Championship (2)+
Bradford Sky Bet League Two (4)0 5Lincoln City Sky Bet League One (3)+
Newcastle United Premier League (1)1 0Blackburn Sky Bet Championship (2)+
West Ham Premier League (1)3 0Charlton Sky Bet League One (3)+
Bournemouth Sky Bet Championship (2)0 011-10 s.oCrystal Palace Premier League (1)
Burton Albion Sky Bet League One (3)1 3Aston Villa Premier League (1)+
Leyton Orient Sky Bet League Two (4)3 2Plymouth Sky Bet League One (3)+
Morecambe Sky Bet League Two (4)1 0Oldham Athletic Sky Bet League Two (4)+
Rochdale Sky Bet League One (3)0 2S Wednesday Sky Bet Championship (2)+
September 16, 2020
WBA Premier League (1)3 0Harrogate Town Sky Bet League Two (4)+
Ipswich Town Sky Bet League One (3)0 1Fulham Premier League (1)+
Bristol City Sky Bet Championship (2)4 0Northampton Town Sky Bet League One (3)+
Leeds United Premier League (1)1 18-9 s.oHull City Sky Bet League One (3)+
Southampton Premier League (1)0 2Brentford Sky Bet Championship (2)+
Everton Premier League (1)3 0Salford City Sky Bet League Two (4)+
September 17, 2020
Burnley Premier League (1)1 15-4 s.oSheffield United Premier League (1)+
Wolverhampton Premier League (1)0 1Stoke City Sky Bet Championship (2)+
Brighton & Hove Premier League (1)4 0Portsmouth Sky Bet League One (3)+


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