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Independiente Medellin - Players, Ranking and Transfers - 2022
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Independiente Medellin

Full nameDeportivo Independiente
Diminutive Independiente
Stadium Estadio Atanasio Girardot
Official website

League historyLast updated on 03/07/2022 at 00:40

Data verified since 2006
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Nevio Scala 2015-2016
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Club's managersLast updated on 02/07/2022 at 09:32

2021-2022 Giuseppe Iachini 25 m 28%28%1.21
2021-2021 Enzo Maresca 14 m 28.6%35.7%1.31.5
2021-2021 Roberto D'Aversa 23 m 4.3%73.9%1.22.3
2020-2021 Fabio Liverani 18 m 22.2%44.4%11.8
2016-2020 Roberto D'Aversa 152 m 42.1%34.9%1.31.2
2016-2016 Stefano Morrone 2 m 0%50%11.5
2015-2016 Luigi Apolloni 52 m 67.3%5.8%20.6
2012-2015 Roberto Donadoni 141 m 33.3%39%1.31.4
2011-2012 Franco Colomba 26 m 38.5%38.5%1.31.5
2010-2011 Pasquale Marino 33 m 24.2%39.4%11.3
2008-2010 Francesco Guidolin 75 m 42.7%22.7%1.41.1
2008-2008 Luigi Cagni 8 m 25%37.5%1.41.3
2008-2008 Andrea Manzo 1 m 0%100%02
2008-2008 Héctor Cúper 10 m 20%50%11.7
2007-2008 Domenico Di Carlo 28 m 17.9%46.4%1.21.6
2007-2007 Claudio Ranieri 18 m 38.9%27.8%1.31.1
2006-2007 Stefano Pioli 32 m 28.1%50%11.6
2005-2006 Mario Beretta 43 m 32.6%41.9%1.11.4
2004-2005 Pietro Carmignani 35 m 34.3%34.3%1.21.5
2004-2004 Silvio Baldini 21 m 19%47.6%11.5
2002-2004 Cesare Prandelli 85 m 44.7%27.1%1.61.2
2001-2002 Pietro Carmignani 27 m 44.4%37%1.31.1
2001-2001 Daniel Passarella 10 m 20%60%1.31.7
2001-2001 Renzo Ulivieri 36 m 47.2%27.8%1.50.9
2001-2001 Arrigo Sacchi 3 m 33.3%0%1.30.7
1998-2001 Alberto Malesani 126 m 50%23.8%1.71
1996-1998 Carlo Ancelotti 87 m 48.3%20.7%1.41
1989-1996 Nevio Scala 322 m 45.7%24.5%1.30.9
1987-1989 Giampietro Vitali 76 m 22.4%21.1%0.80.8
1987-1987 Zdenek Zeman 12 m 33.3%33.3%1.21.3
1985-1987 Arrigo Sacchi 52 m 34.6%23.1%0.80.6
1978-1980 Cesare Maldini 42 m 16.7%47.6%0.71.3
1974-1975 Renato Gei 42 m 23.8%35.7%0.81

History of the club in each competition

Categoría Primera A
20 participations
740 games
299 victories
246 losses
Copa Colombia
14 participations
108 games
45 victories
31 losses
Copa Libertadores
South America
8 participations
62 games
23 victories
24 losses
Copa Sudamericana
South America
5 participations
22 games
6 victories
11 losses
Superliga de Colombia
1 participation
2 games
1 loss
First data collected by on the 01/05/1949. But competitions or matches before or after this date could be missing. See the details of each competition to know more about this.

Opponents history

NamemVLgf/mga/m1st match*Last match*
Atl. Nacional7928%38%1.091.3710/07/194930/04/2022
Deportivo Cali5437%33%1.541.4812/07/194930/01/2022
Junior Barranquilla5332%45%1.081.2804/03/199416/02/2022
Once Caldas4833%40%1.331.3312/06/194904/02/2022
Deportes Tolima4732%38%1.231.423/08/200612/06/2022
Santa Fe4420%45%0.911.3401/05/194919/02/2022
Millonarios Bogota4233%40%1.261.6917/07/194923/03/2022
Águilas Doradas3944%26%1.210.8704/02/201001/03/2022
La Equidad3642%33%1.111.1108/04/200716/06/2022
América Cali3438%44%1.181.4419/06/194919/03/2022
Atlético Huila3152%23%1.681.0315/04/200728/08/2021
Deportivo Pasto3047%27%1.270.804/02/200714/05/2022
Boyaca Chico2635%31%1.121.1925/03/200717/02/2021
Cucuta Deportivo2560%16%1.76107/05/195008/10/2020
Deportivo Pereira2433%25%1.711.2922/05/194926/03/2022
Deportes Quindío2241%41%1.321.2313/05/195126/09/2021
Alianza Petrolera2040%30%1.61.2524/02/201310/04/2022
*The dates mentionned may not represent reality but they are the ones used for the figures above. If there has been matches before or after those dates, they are not taken into account.

Historical formLast updated on 24/06/2022 at 04:20

Explanation: +1 for a victory, 0 for a draw, -1 for a loss

FBDB index ranking

The FBDB index is calculated using a series of factors related to club results. Only the first tier clubs are listed.
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