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10 June 07 AperturaPeru
Line-ups Municipal 11Sport Boys
Line-ups AA Sullana 01Alianza Lima
Line-ups Universitario 10Cienciano
Line-ups Bolognesi 11Melgar
Line-ups Sport Ancash 11U. San Martin
09 June 07 AperturaPeru
Line-ups Total Clean 21Sp. Cristal
06 June 07 AperturaPeru
Line-ups U. San Martin 22Universitario
Line-ups Alianza Lima 10Municipal
Line-ups Sport Boys 21Total Clean
Line-ups Melgar 12Sport Ancash
Total CleanvsUniversitario Lima
First time the two teams meet
Football - Match Apertura : Total Clean vs. Universitario Lima
Apertura 2007
Round 1 Date 04 febr 2007
Venue Arequipa - Peru (Estadio Mariano Melgar)
  69' Yez
Ruiz 24'
(o.g.) Vsquez 45'
Peru Peru
City Arequipa
Peru Peru
City Lima
Line-ups Tactical Notes
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