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20 July 08 AperturaPeru
Line-ups Minero 00Alianza Lima
Line-ups Universitario 20Melgar
Line-ups AA Sullana 10Cienciano
Line-ups UCV 21Juan Aurich
Line-ups Bolognesi 21Sport Ancash
Line-ups Jos Galvez 02U. San Martin
Line-ups Sp. Cristal 51Sport Boys
16 July 08 AperturaPeru
Line-ups Sport Boys 21Universitario
Line-ups U. San Martin 40UCV
Line-ups Alianza Lima 13Sp. Cristal
Sporting CristalvsU. San Martin
Home Results (Sporting Cristal)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions833299
Away Results (Sporting Cristal)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions83321310
TOTAL (Sporting Cristal)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions166642219
23 Octo 07 ClausuraPeru
Line-ups U. San Martin 11Sp. Cristal
05 Augu 07 ClausuraPeru
Line-ups Sp. Cristal 11U. San Martin
05 May 07 AperturaPeru
Line-ups Sp. Cristal 03U. San Martin
03 Marc 07 AperturaPeru
Line-ups U. San Martin 22Sp. Cristal
10 Dece 06 ClausuraPeru
Sp. Cristal 02U. San Martin
Sporting Cristal hasn't lost for the last 4 games away against U. San Martin de Porres (2005)
Sporting Cristal hasn't won for the last 5 games against U. San Martin de Porres (2006)
Football - Match Apertura : Sporting Cristal vs. U. San Martin de Porres
Apertura 2008
Round 3 Date 23 febr 2008
Venue Lima - Peru (Estadio Alberto Gallardo)
  45' Ximnez (header) - Assist by Villalta
50' Lobatn (penalty)
81' Hernndez (left foot) - Assist by Cominges
Assist by Balln - (right foot) Quinteros 40'
Assist by Quinteros - (header) Silva 67'
Assist by Silva - (right foot) Snchez 71'
(free kick) Salazar 73'
Peru Peru
League (1) 2' / 6 pts
Streaks 13 LL
Peru Peru
League (1) 3' / 4 pts
Streaks 3 LL
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Sporting Cristal
Not in the line-up anymore
W. Fernndez
Unmade Replacements
J. Mesarina
New in the line-up
A. Prado
New Replacements
M. Delgado
U. San Martin de Porres
Not in the line-up anymore
L. Butrn
O. Contreras (has entered the match)
G. Salas
J. Huamn
E. Prez
F. Del Solar
M. Leguizamn
New in the line-up
M. Flores
A. Muente
G. Guizasola
J. Cspedes (entered last match)
A. Saco-Vertiz (entered last match)
J. Balln
R. Salazar (entered last match)
New Replacements
R. Quinteros
R. Ovelar

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