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17 May 08 Kategoria superioreAlbania
Line-ups Skenderbeu 13Shkumbini
Line-ups Teuta Durres 35Besa Kavaje
Line-ups Beselidhja 42Vllaznia
Line-ups Flamurtari 22Elbasani
Line-ups Dinamo Tirana 21Partizani
Line-ups Kastrioti 12KF Tirana
14 May 08 Kategoria superioreAlbania
Line-ups Vllaznia 03Dinamo Tirana
Line-ups KF Tirana 12Teuta Durres
Line-ups Shkumbini 10Flamurtari
Line-ups Besa Kavaje 20Beselidhja
FlamurtarivsKF Tirana
Home Results (Flamurtari)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions9405710
Kategoria superiore9405710
Away Results (Flamurtari)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions10127618
Kategoria superiore10127618
TOTAL (Flamurtari)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions1952121328
Kategoria superiore1952121328
14 Apri 07 Kategoria superioreAlbania
Line-ups KF Tirana 11Flamurtari
24 Febr 07 Kategoria superioreAlbania
Line-ups KF Tirana 20Flamurtari
05 Nove 06 Kategoria superioreAlbania
Line-ups Flamurtari 32KF Tirana
10 Apri 04 Kategoria superioreAlbania
SK Tirana 51Flamurtari
30 Janu 04 Kategoria superioreAlbania
Flamurtari 02SK Tirana
Flamurtari hasn't won for the last 4 games away against KF Tirana (2003)
Football - Match Kategoria superiore : Flamurtari vs. KF Tirana
Kategoria superiore 2007/2008
Round 1 Date 25 augu 2007
Venue Vlore - Albania (Stadiumi Flamurtari)
  85' Veliu
Albania Albania
City Vlore
Streaks 5 WL
Albania Albania
City Tirana
Line-ups Tactical Notes
KF Tirana
Not in the line-up anymore
I. Hidi
D. Mukaj
New in the line-up
B. Nallbani
I. Fortuzi (entered last match)
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