fr es  Tuesday 06 december 2016
Canada Eagles 10/06/11
France Paris S-G C 01/07/06 01/07/10
Wales Cwmbran Town FC 01/07/05 01/07/06
Belgium Givry 01/07/04 01/07/05
France Racing B 01/07/01 01/07/04
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Grgoire Akcelrod
France French  Age 34 years
Born 17 Sept 1982 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye France
Club Canada Mississauga Eagles
Position Forward
Height 1m85  Weight 77 kg  

Football : Grgoire Akcelrod
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
Number of goals scored
Season Club   Statistics
    Div. Leag. Contin. Cups Inter. TOTAL
      gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals
2016 Canada Eagles    
2015 Canada Eagles    
2014 Canada Eagles    
2013 Canada Eagles    
2012 Canada Eagles 1  
2009/2010 France Paris S-G C    
2008/2009 France Paris S-G C    
2007/2008 France Paris S-G C    
2006/2007 France Paris S-G C    
2005/2006 Wales Cwmbran Town FC    
2004/2005 Belgium Givry    
2003/2004 France Racing Colombes B    
2002/2003 France Racing Colombes B    
2001/2002 France Racing Colombes B    

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