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Serbia Serbian Club 01/07/09
Hungary MTK Budapest 01/07/07 01/07/09
Hungary Pecs Mecsek 01/07/03 01/07/07
Hungary Gyor 01/07/99 01/07/00
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Endre Bajusz
Hungary Hungarian  Age 39 years
Born 21 Octo 1976 in Senta Hungary
Club Serbia Serbian Club
Position Centre Back
Height 1m93  

Football : Endre Bajusz
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
Number of goals scored
Season Club   Statistics
    Div. Leag. Contin. Cups Inter. TOTAL
      gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals
2015/2016 Serbia Serbian Club    
2014/2015 Serbia Serbian Club    
2013/2014 Serbia Serbian Club    
2012/2013 Serbia Serbian Club    
2011/2012 Serbia Serbian Club    
2010/2011 Serbia Serbian Club    
2009/2010 Serbia Serbian Club    
2008/2009 Hungary MTK Budapest 1  
2007/2008 Hungary MTK Budapest 1  
2006/2007 Hungary Pecs Mecsek 1  
2005/2006 Hungary Pecs Mecsek 1  
2004/2005 Hungary Pecs Mecsek 1  
2003/2004 Hungary Pecs Mecsek    
1999/2000 Hungary Gyor    
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