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Retired 01/07/88 12/11/13
Romania Gloria Bistrita 01/07/85 01/07/88
Romania Poli Iasi 01/07/82 01/07/85
Romania Olt Scornicesti 01/07/81 01/07/82
Romania Arges 01/07/80 01/07/81
Romania Gloria Bistrita 01/07/75 01/07/80
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Dumitru Sigmirean
Romania Romanian  
Born 06 Janu 1959 in Nuşeni Romania
Deceased 12 Nove 2013
Position Midfield

Football : Dumitru Sigmirean
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
Number of goals scored
Season Club   Statistics
    Div. Leag. Contin. Cups Inter. TOTAL
      gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals
1988 Romania Gloria Bistrita    
1987/1988 Romania Gloria Bistrita    
Romania Gloria Bistrita    
1985/1986 Romania Gloria Bistrita    
1984/1985 Romania Poli Iasi    
1983/1984 Romania Poli Iasi    
1982/1983 Romania Poli Iasi    
1981/1982 Romania Olt Scornicesti    
1980/1981 Romania Arges Pitesti    
1979/1980 Romania Gloria Bistrita    
1978/1979 Romania Gloria Bistrita    
1977/1978 Romania Gloria Bistrita    
1976/1977 Romania Gloria Bistrita    
1975/1976 Romania Gloria Bistrita    
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