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Retired 01/07/02 14/11/13
South Africa Bush Bucks 01/07/00 01/07/02
South Africa Santos 01/07/99 01/07/00
South Africa Manning 01/07/98 01/07/99
South Africa Bush Bucks 01/01/96 01/07/98
South Africa Sundowns 01/01/87 01/01/95
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Bennett Masinga
South Africa South African  
Born 13 Janu 1965
Deceased 14 Nove 2013
Position Forward
Caps 5

Football : Bennett Masinga
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
Number of goals scored
Season Club   Statistics
    Div. Leag. Contin. Cups Inter. TOTAL
      gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals gp Goals
2001/2002 South Africa Bush Bucks    
2000/2001 South Africa Bush Bucks    
1999/2000 South Africa Santos    
1998/1999 South Africa Manning Rangers    
1997/1998 South Africa Bush Bucks    
1996/1997 South Africa Bush Bucks    
1995/1996 South Africa Bush Bucks    
1994/1995 South Africa Sundowns    
1993/1994 South Africa Sundowns    
1992/1993 South Africa Sundowns    
5 5
1991/1992 South Africa Sundowns    
1990/1991 South Africa Sundowns    
1989/1990 South Africa Sundowns    
1988/1989 South Africa Sundowns    
1987/1988 South Africa Sundowns    
1986/1987 South Africa Sundowns    
5 5
  Competition Matches Start minutes on the pitch Goals own goals
InternationalCAF Nations Cup Qualifying20710000
InternationalWorld Cup Qualifying211010000
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