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14 Sept 01 Super CupEgypt
After Extra Time  After Extra Time
Line-ups Zamalek 21Ghazl
ZamalekvsGhazl El Mahalla
Home Results (Zamalek)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions220051
Super Cup000000
Away Results (Zamalek)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions211020
Super Cup000000
TOTAL (Zamalek)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions431071
Super Cup000000
21 Apri 01 Premier LeagueEgypt
Line-ups Zamalek 21Ghazl
30 Nove 00 Premier LeagueEgypt
Ghazl 00Zamalek
27 Nove 98 Premier LeagueEgypt
Line-ups Zamalek 30Ghazl
21 Augu 98 Premier LeagueEgypt
Ghazl 02Zamalek
Zamalek hasn't lost for the last 4 games against Ghazl El Mahalla ()
Football - Match Super Cup : Zamalek vs. Ghazl El Mahalla
Super Cup 2001
Round Final Date 14 sept 2001
Venue Cairo - Egypt (Stade international du Caire)
  21' Emam (left foot)
Assist by Ragab - (left foot) El Etrawy 77'
117' Hassan (left foot)
Egypt Egypt
City Cairo
Streaks 6 LL
Egypt Egypt
City El Mahalla El Kubra
Line-ups Tactical Notes
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Match 11-03-10 at 01:18
By FiglioMilan
Hazem Emam Man of the Match
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