fr es  Sunday 28 august 2016
28 Apri 12 French CupFrance
Line-ups Lyon 10Quevilly
11 Apri 12 French CupFrance
Line-ups Quevilly 21RennesVideo
10 Apri 12 French CupFrance
Line-ups Gazlec 04LyonVideo
21 Marc 12 French CupFrance
Line-ups Paris S-G 13LyonVideo
Line-ups Valenciennes 13RennesVideo
Line-ups Gazlec 10Montpellier
20 Marc 12 French CupFrance
After Extra Time  After Extra Time
Line-ups Quevilly 32Marseille
21 Febr 12 French CupFrance
After Extra Time  After Extra Time
Line-ups Quevilly 20Orlans
15 Febr 12 French CupFrance
Line-ups Marseille 31FCBP
Line-ups Dijon 01Paris S-G
First time the two teams meet
Football - Match French Cup : Seyne-sur-Mer vs. Bastia
French Cup 2011/2012
Round 7th Round Date 19 nove 2011
Venue Toulon - France (Stade Bon Rencontre)
Referee P. Malige France Attendance 3.500 spectators
  Maoulida 8'
Maoulida 11'
Angoula 30'
Suarez 33'
Moizini 63'
Sans 75'
Suarez 79'
Suarez 90'
France France
City La Seyne-sur-Mer
Streaks 3 WI, 6 LL
France France
League (2) 3' / 22 pts
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Not in the line-up anymore
F. Harek
Y. Cahuzac
J. Rothen
L. Genest
W. Khazri
S. Diallo
New in the line-up
F. Marque (entered last match)
A. Sanaia
S. Moizini (entered last match)
J. Priatambe
C. Vincent
D. Suarez (entered last match)
New Replacements
F. Thauvin
F. Andr
M. Mary

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