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09 June 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Brazil 34Argentina
11 Apri 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Peru 03ChileVideo
21 Marc 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Chile 31PeruVideo
15 Febr 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Paraguay 20ChileVideo
21 Dece 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Chile 32Paraguay
28 Sept 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Brazil 20ArgentinaVideo
14 Sept 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Argentina 00BrazilVideo
05 Sept 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Bolivia 00PeruVideo
02 Sept 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Peru 22BoliviaVideo
Line-ups Venezuela 01ArgentinaVideo
Home Results (Peru)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions1712233516
Away Results (Peru)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions151410721
Results on Neutral Ground (Peru)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions8620192
TOTAL (Peru)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions40198136139
14 Octo 09 World Cup Qual.International
Line-ups Peru 10BoliviaVideo
11 Octo 08 World Cup Qual.International
Line-ups Bolivia 30PeruVideo
06 Febr 08 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Bolivia 21Peru
12 Sept 07 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Peru 20Bolivia
03 July 07 Copa AmericaInternational
Line-ups Peru 22Bolivia
Peru hasn't lost for the last 6 games home against Bolivia (1996)
Peru has a current losing streak of 5 games away against Bolivia (1996)
Peru hasn't won for the last 11 games away against Bolivia (1975)
Peru hasn't lost for the last 8 games on neutral ground against Bolivia ()
Football - Match Friendlies : Peru vs. Bolivia
Friendlies 2011
Round South America Date 02 sept 2011
Venue Lima - Peru
Referee J. Soto Venezuela Attendance 35.000 spectators
  36' Cruzado
81' Pizarro (penalty)
Escobar 6'
Cardozo 70'
Peru Peru
Capital Lima
Bolivia Bolivia
Capital La Paz
Streaks 3 LO, 13 WL
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Not in the line-up anymore
R. Ralds
L. Alvarez
J. Robles (has entered the match)
R. Garca
J. Vaca
A. Pea
J. Arce
Unmade Replacements
D. Cabrera
S. Galindo
L. Suarez
New in the line-up
L. Mndez
R. Rivero
J. Chavez
W. Flores
P. Escobar
M. Moreno
New Replacements
M. Saucedo
D. Rios

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