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21 Augu 01 Intertoto CupEurope
Line-ups Aston Villa 41FC Basel
Line-ups Newcastle 44ESTAC Troyes
Line-ups Brescia 11Paris S-G
07 Augu 01 Intertoto CupEurope
FC Basel 11Aston Villa
Line-ups ESTAC Troyes 00Newcastle
Line-ups Paris S-G 00Brescia
01 Augu 01 Intertoto CupEurope
Lausanne 22FC Basel
Line-ups Brescia 22Chmel Blsany
Line-ups Newcastle 31Munich 1860
Line-ups Paris S-G 71La GantoiseVideo
Paris S-GvsBrescia
First time the two teams meet
Football - Match Intertoto Cup : Paris S-G vs. Brescia
Intertoto Cup 2001
Round Finals Date 07 augu 2001
Venue Paris - France (Parc des Princes)
Referee T. M. McCurry Scotland Attendance 35.000 spectators
France France
League (1) 11' / 2 pts
Streaks 11 LL
Italy Italy
City Castenedolo
Streaks 15 LL
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Paris S-G
Not in the line-up anymore
Cristbal (has entered the match)
E. Ciss (has entered the match)
J. Alosio (has entered the match)
Unmade Replacements
New in the line-up
T. El-Karkouri
D. Domi
B. Mendy (entered last match)
Not in the line-up anymore
V. Mero (has entered the match)
S. Del Nero
A. Yllana (has entered the match)
M. Esposito
I. Tare (has entered the match)
Unmade Replacements
R. Guana
M. Salgado
A. Danotti
New in the line-up
F. Petruzzi
M. Kozminski
E. Filippini
L. Toni
R. Baggio
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