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11 June 00 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Estonia 10Georgia
07 June 00 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Germany 82LiechtensteinVideo
Line-ups Luxembourg 01SpainVideo
04 June 00 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Netherlands 31PolandVideo
Line-ups Estonia 20Belarus
Line-ups Latvia 10Finland
Line-ups Moldova 01RussiaVideo
Line-ups Azerbaijan 00Georgia
03 June 00 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Norway 10ItalyVideo
Line-ups Hungary 21Israel
MacedoniavsSerbia and Montenegro
Home Results (Macedonia)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions100124
Away Results (Macedonia)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions100113
TOTAL (Macedonia)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions200237
08 Sept 99 Euro Qual.International
Line-ups Macedonia 24Serb.-Mont.Video
05 Sept 99 Euro Qual.International
Line-ups Serb.-Mont. 31MacedoniaVideo
Football - Match Friendlies : Macedonia vs. RF Yougoslavie
Friendlies 2000
Round Europe Date 23 febr 2000
Venue Skopje - Macedonia (Arena Filip II)
Referee A. Ouzounov Bulgaria Attendance 10.000 spectators
  77' Karanfilovski
Mijatovic 20'
Mijatovic 37'
Macedonia Macedonia
Capital Skopje
Streaks 6 WL
Serbia and Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro
Capital Belgrade
Streaks 3 LL
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Not in the line-up anymore
A. Filevski
Z. Jovanovski
G. Sedloski
G. Stanic
D. Sainoski
T. Savevski
Unmade Replacements
S. Zaharievski
New in the line-up
O. Nikolov
I. Nikolovski
Z. Serafimovski
G. Lazarevski
A. Sakiri
S. Ciric
New Replacements
B. Gesoski
P. Milosevski
R. Karanfilovski
Z. Miserdovski
R. Petrov
Serbia and Montenegro
Not in the line-up anymore
Z. Mirkovic
A. Nadj
D. Stankovic
D. Stojkovic
S. Milosevic (has entered the match)
Unmade Replacements
D. Savicevic
New in the line-up
N. Sakic
V. Jugovic
N. Grozdic
D. Kovacevic
L. Drulovic (entered last match)
New Replacements
Z. Cicovic
N. Saveljic
G. Bunjevcevic
M. Krstajic
P. Djordjevic
M. Kezman
S. Ilic
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