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02 July 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Lebanon 06KuwaitVideo
29 June 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Iraq 12SyriaVideo
18 June 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Malaysia 20MyanmarVideo
08 June 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups China 20North KoreaVideo
07 June 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Singapore 40MaldivesVideo
05 June 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups China 10UzbekistanVideo
03 June 11 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Hong Kong 11MalaysiaVideo
29 Marc 11 FriendliesInternational
Jordan 11North Korea
Kuwait 10Iraq
Sri Lanka 22Tajikistan
Home Results (Lebanon)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions52121212
Away Results (Lebanon)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions8125515
Results on Neutral Ground (Lebanon)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions521276
TOTAL (Lebanon)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions185492433
02 Janu 08 FriendliesInternational
Kuwait 32Lebanon
06 Octo 04 FriendliesInternational
Lebanon 11Kuwait
03 Octo 04 FriendliesInternational
Lebanon 13Kuwait
18 Dece 03 FriendliesInternational
Kuwait 00Lebanon
16 Dece 03 FriendliesInternational
Kuwait 20Lebanon
Lebanon hasn't won for the last 7 games away against Kuwait (1964)
Lebanon hasn't won for the last 5 games against Kuwait (2000)
Football - Match Friendlies : Lebanon vs. Kuwait
Friendlies 2011
Round Asia Date 02 july 2011
Venue Beirut - Lebanon (Camille Chamoun Stadium)
Referee A. El Haddad Lebanon Behind Closed Doors
  (free kick) Neda 24'
(free kick) Neda 34'
Al Sulaiman 54'
Jumaa 62'
Al Sulaiman 68'
Jumaa 78'
Lebanon Lebanon
Capital Beirut
Streaks 7 WL
Kuwait Kuwait
Capital Koweit City
Streaks 3 LL
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Not in the line-up anymore
K. Al Rashidi
N. Al Wuhaib
H. Ali
F. Shaheen
Y. Al Taher
A. Al Shemali
T. Al Amer
K. Al Azemi
A. Ashkanani
H. Al Enezi
New in the line-up
M. Neda
B. Al Muttwa
Y. Al Sulaiman
A. Al Awadi

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Lebanon 0-6 Kuwait 03-07-11 at 04:38
By FiglioMilan
Was stopped the match in 83 minutes the incidence of violence between the players .
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