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23 June 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Vietnam 10Mozambique
03 June 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Brazil 02MexicoVideo
Line-ups Spain 10ChinaVideo
02 June 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Denmark 20AustraliaVideo
01 June 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Kazakhstan 52Kyrgyzstan
31 May 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Mexico 21BosniaVideo
30 May 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups United States 14BrazilVideo
Line-ups Spain 41South KoreaVideo
29 May 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Angola 00Macedonia
28 May 12 FriendliesInternational
Line-ups Botswana 11Iraq
Home Results (Kazakhstan)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions220030
TOTAL (Kazakhstan)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions220030
08 Marc 07 FriendliesInternational
Kazakhstan 20Kyrgyzstan
05 July 06 FriendliesInternational
Kazakhstan 10Kyrgyzstan
Football - Match Friendlies : Kazakhstan vs. Kyrgyzstan
Friendlies 2012
Round Intercontinental Date 01 june 2012
Venue Almaty - Kazakhstan (Central Stadium)
Referee O. Talibdjanov Uzbekistan Attendance 14.000 spectators
  4' Logvinenko
13' Tazhimbetov
32' Tazhimbetov
57' Nurdauletov (penalty)
90' Tazhimbetov
Baimatov 27'
Sharipov 36'
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Capital Astana
Streaks 6 WL
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
Capital Bichkek
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Not in the line-up anymore
A. Sidelnikov
M. Gurman (has entered the match)
M. Khayrullin
S. Ostapenko (has entered the match)
S. Gridin
T. Nuserbaev
Unmade Replacements
V. Loginovskiy
E. Akhmetov
U. Konysbaev
S. Muzhikov
New in the line-up
A. Bekbaev
K. Engel
H. Schmidtgal
B. Dzholchiev
D. Tazhimbetov (entered last match)
S. Khizhnichenko (entered last match)
New Replacements
A. Tsirin
M. Rozhkov
Z. Kukeev
M. Shakhmetov
Not in the line-up anymore
R. Amirov
R. Sydykov
R. Djamshidov
A. Orozaliev
S. Rahmanov
M. Murzaev
New in the line-up
M. Agapov
V. Kharchenko
C. Kum Maka
A. Bokoev
K. Sharipov (entered last match)
T. Rustamov
New Replacements
V. Shumeyko
A. Umarov
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