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14 May 11 French CupFrance
Line-ups Paris S-G 01LilleVideo
20 Apri 11 French CupFrance
Line-ups Angers 13Paris S-GVideo
19 Apri 11 French CupFrance
Line-ups Nice 02LilleVideo
02 Marc 11 French CupFrance
Line-ups Lille 00Lorient
on penalties53on penalties
Line-ups Chambry 03AngersVideo
After Extra Time  After Extra Time
Line-ups Paris S-G 20Le MansVideo
01 Marc 11 French CupFrance
After Extra Time  After Extra Time
Line-ups Reims 23Nice
02 Febr 11 French CupFrance
Line-ups JA Drancy 01Nice
Line-ups Chambry 21Sochaux
Line-ups Lille 11NantesVideo
on penalties32on penalties
Home Results (Istres)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions127411812
French Cup000000
Away Results (Istres)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions120111624
French Cup000000
TOTAL (Istres)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions2475122436
French Cup000000
14 May 10 Ligue 2France
Line-ups Bastia 20Istres
07 Augu 09 Ligue 2France
Line-ups Istres 10Bastia
25 May 07 Ligue 2France
Line-ups Bastia 41Istres
28 July 06 Ligue 2France
Line-ups Istres 22Bastia
24 Marc 06 Ligue 2France
Line-ups Bastia 30Istres
Istres hasn't lost for the last 7 games home against Bastia (1991)
Istres has a current losing streak of 8 games away against Bastia (1989)
Istres hasn't won for the last 12 games away against Bastia ()
Football - Match French Cup : Istres vs. Bastia
French Cup 2010/2011
Round 7th Round Date 20 nove 2010
Venue Fos-sur-Mer - France (Stade Parsemain)
Referee D. Ledentu France Attendance 1.402 spectators
  74' Fettouhi
87' Lesueur
France France
League (2) 16' / 16 pts
Streaks 3 LL
France France
League (3) 1' / 38 pts
Streaks 4 WI, 4 LL
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Not in the line-up anymore
D. Petric
J. Palmieri
D. Fettouhi (has entered the match)
Unmade Replacements
J. Massengo
R. Csar
New in the line-up
M. Mntrier
R. Ciaravino (entered last match)
D. Lesueur
New Replacements
F. Lejeune
Not in the line-up anymore
M. Sans
G. Angoula (has entered the match)
S. Moizini
New in the line-up
M. Mary (entered last match)
Y. Cahuzac
S. Barthlmy (entered last match)
New Replacements
I. Sylla
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