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Guizhou RenhevsDalian Shide
Home Results (Guizhou Renhe)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions116232011
Chinese FA Cup000000
Away Results (Guizhou Renhe)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions10055614
Chinese FA Cup000000
TOTAL (Guizhou Renhe)
Competition pl w d l gf ga
All Competitions216782625
Chinese FA Cup000000
01 July 12 CSLChina
Line-ups Guizhou Renhe 20Dalian Shide
15 Octo 11 CSLChina
Line-ups Dalian Shide 10Shaanxi Renhe
14 Sept 11 CSLChina
Line-ups Shaanxi Renhe 13Dalian Shide
01 Augu 10 CSLChina
Line-ups Dalian Shide 22Shaanxi
28 Marc 10 CSLChina
Line-ups Shaanxi 11Dalian Shide
Guizhou Renhe hasn't won for the last 10 games away against Dalian Shide ()
Football - Match Chinese FA Cup : Guizhou Renhe vs. Dalian Shide
Chinese FA Cup 2012
Round Round of 16 Date 19 july 2012
Venue Guiyang - China (Guiyang Olympic Centre)
Referee J. Zhong China Attendance 10.011 spectators
  70' Yu
89' Shen
China China
League (1) 4' / 27 pts
man. H. Gao
China China
League (1) 7' / 22 pts
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Guizhou Renhe
Not in the line-up anymore
L. Zhang
D. Djulbic
C. Zhang
H. Yang
C. Li
Rubn Surez (has entered the match)
Z. Muslimovic
B. Qu
New in the line-up
J. Shen
W. Wu
Q. Liu
K. Li (entered last match)
S. Guo
J. Chen
L. Yang
R. Jord (entered last match)
T. Shen
Dalian Shide
Not in the line-up anymore
C. Zhang
D. Park
M. Zhao
F. Yan
X. Yan
P. L
J. Chamanga
M. Kamburov
H. Zhao
T. Zhu
Unmade Replacements
L. Quan
Y. Xue
New in the line-up
H. Jiang
J. Zheng
Z. Li
J. Jiang
Y. Jin
S. Wang
Y. Ni
X. Hao
X. Zhao
Z. Chen
Y. Nan
New Replacements
G. Wang
Y. Han
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