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20 May 98 (C1) Champions LeagueEurope
Line-ups Real Madrid 10JuventusVideo
15 Apri 98 (C1) Champions LeagueEurope
Line-ups Dortmund 00Real MadridVideo
Line-ups Monaco 32JuventusVideo
01 Apri 98 (C1) Champions LeagueEurope
Line-ups Juventus 41Monaco
Line-ups Real Madrid 20Dortmund
18 Marc 98 (C1) Champions LeagueEurope
Line-ups Man U 11MonacoVideo
Line-ups Real Madrid 30BayerVideo
Line-ups Dynamo Kyiv 14JuventusVideo
After Extra Time  After Extra Time
Line-ups Dortmund 10Bayern Munich
04 Marc 98 (C1) Champions LeagueEurope
Line-ups Juventus 11Dynamo KyivVideo
Feyenoord RotterdamvsFC Jazz
First time the two teams meet
Football - Match (C1) Champions League : Feyenoord Rotterdam vs. FC Jazz
(C1) Champions League 1997/1998
Round 2nd round Date 13 augu 1997
Venue Rotterdam - Netherlands (De Kuip)
Referee A. Trentalange Italy Attendance 24.330 spectators
  14' van Gastel (penalty)
21' Vos
39' Vos
57' Sanchez
66' van Gastel (penalty)
85' van Bronckhorst
Marco 28'
Marco 70'
Netherlands Netherlands
City Rotterdam
man. A. Haan
Finland Finland
City Pori
Line-ups Tactical Notes
FC Jazz
Not in the line-up anymore
R. Hakanp (has entered the match)
P. Massacessi
H. Puhakainen (has entered the match)
Unmade Replacements
J. Heinikangas
J. Suikkanen
New in the line-up
J. Mkel
F. Orsi
S. Laaksonen (entered last match)
New Replacements
J. Hietanen
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