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CAF Nations Cup Qualifying000000
Away Results (Ethiopia)
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TOTAL (Ethiopia)
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CAF Nations Cup Qualifying000000
26 Marc 03 FriendliesInternational
Ethiopia 30Benin
28 Febr 93 World Cup Qual.International
Benin 10Ethiopia
20 Dece 92 World Cup Qual.International
Ethiopia 31Benin
Football - Match CAF Nations Cup Qualifying : Ethiopia vs. Benin
CAF Nations Cup Qualifying 2013
Round First round Date 29 febr 2012
Venue Addis-Abeba - Ethiopia (Addis Abeba Stadium)
Referee S. Kirwa Kenya
Ethiopia Ethiopia
Capital Addis-Abeba
Streaks 3 WL
Benin Benin
Capital Porto-Novo
Streaks 5 WL
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Unmade Replacements
S. Bekele
Not in the line-up anymore
A. Girma (has entered the match)
New in the line-up
S. Bancha
B. Elias
A. Butako
A. Hailu Reda
T. Seyoum
A. Megersa
B. Assefa
T. Minyahile
A. Hintsa
O. Oukri
Not in the line-up anymore
G. Bemenou
S. Baraz (has entered the match)
F. Gozo
A. Hounsa
S. Oussou (has entered the match)
D. Fassassi
I. Lout
Unmade Replacements
D. Lanignan
J. Bessan
P. Aboki
New in the line-up
F. Farnolle
E. Imorou
D. Koukou
J. Ahouya
R. Omotoyossi
M. Pot
M. Ogunbiyi
New Replacements
P. Angan
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