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16 May 07 (C3) UEFA CupEurope
Line-ups Sevilla FC 22EspanyolVideo
on penalties31on penalties
03 May 07 (C3) UEFA CupEurope
Line-ups Werder Bremen 12EspanyolVideo
Line-ups Sevilla FC 20Osasuna
26 Apri 07 (C3) UEFA CupEurope
Line-ups Espanyol 30Werder BremenVideo
Line-ups Osasuna 10Sevilla FC
12 Apri 07 (C3) UEFA CupEurope
Line-ups Benfica 00Espanyol
Line-ups Werder Bremen 41AZ Alkmaar
Line-ups Osasuna 10Bayer
Line-ups Tottenham 22Sevilla FC
05 Apri 07 (C3) UEFA CupEurope
Line-ups AZ Alkmaar 00Werder BremenVideo
Derry CityvsParis S-G
First time the two teams meet
Football - Match (C3) UEFA Cup : Derry City vs. Paris S-G
(C3) UEFA Cup 2006/2007
Round First round Date 14 sept 2006
Venue Derry - Northern Ireland (Brandywell)
Referee R. Havrilla Slovakia Attendance 3.400 spectators
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland
League (1) 2' / 40 pts
Streaks 3 DR, 11 LL, 3 WL
France France
League (1) 15' / 4 pts
Line-ups Tactical Notes
Paris S-G
Not in the line-up anymore
M. Yepes
B. Mendy
E. Ciss
V. Dhorasoo
P. Pauleta (has entered the match)
B. Kalou (has entered the match)
New in the line-up
B. Dram
A. Baning
Paulo Csar
D. Hellebuyck
F. Pancrate (entered last match)
A. Dian (entered last match)
New Replacements
C. Chantme

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