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26 June 99 Copa del ReySpain
Line-ups Valencia CF 30AtléticoVideo
16 June 99 Copa del ReySpain
Line-ups Real Madrid 21Valencia CF
15 June 99 Copa del ReySpain
Depor 01Atlético
09 June 99 Copa del ReySpain
Line-ups Valencia CF 60Real Madrid
08 June 99 Copa del ReySpain
Line-ups Atlético 00Depor
24 Febr 99 Copa del ReySpain
Line-ups Valencia CF 43FC BarcelonaVideo
Depor 10Mallorca
Espanyol 14Atlético
23 Febr 99 Copa del ReySpain
Line-ups Real Madrid 10Racing
18 Febr 99 Copa del ReySpain
Line-ups FC Barcelona 23Valencia CFVideo
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Copa del Rey 1998/1999
Spain Spain
Most Entitled Club since 1973 FC Barcelona
Participants 68  Total since 1973 388
Matches 133  Goals 315  Average 2.37

Football - Competition : Copa del Rey 1998/1999
 Wednesday 20 january 1999
Referee   Result  
   Real Sociedad 1 2Atlético Madrid
L. Medina CantalejoLine-ups  Athletic Bilbao 2 2Racing Santander
   Espanyol 4 2Valladolid
F. Carmona Méndez   Benidorm 0 1FC Barcelona
   Real Betis 0 1Mallorca
Line-ups  Celta Vigo 0 1Depor
   Levante 0 3Valencia CF
 Thursday 21 january 1999
Referee   Result  
M. Mejuto GonzalezLine-ups  Real Madrid 2 0Villarreal
 Tuesday 02 february 1999
Referee   Result  
Line-ups  Atlético Madrid 0 1Real Sociedad
 Wednesday 03 february 1999
Referee   Result  
J. Rodriguez SantiagoLine-ups  Racing Santander 1 0Athletic Bilbao
   Valladolid 2 2Espanyol
   Mallorca 1 0Real Betis
   Depor 1 1Celta Vigo
 After Extra Time  After Extra Time 
Line-ups  Valencia CF 1 0Levante
M. A. Pérez LasaLine-ups  Villarreal 0 2Real Madrid
 Thursday 04 february 1999
Referee   Result  
C. Megia DávilaLine-ups  FC Barcelona 3 0Benidorm
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