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Overall table
04 Sept 16 Group CInternational
San MarinoPreviewAzerbaijan
Czech Rep.PreviewN. Ireland
04 Sept 16 Group EInternational
04 Sept 16 Group FInternational
05 Sept 16 Group DInternational
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World Cup Qualifying 2018 Europe zone
International International
Participants 52  Total since 1934 62

Football - Competition : World Cup Qualifying 2018 Europe zone
 Tuesday 06 september 2016
Referee     Result    
   Belarus BelarusPreviewFrance France
   Bulgaria BulgariaPreviewLuxembourg Luxembourg
   Sweden SwedenPreviewNetherlands Netherlands
 Friday 07 october 2016
Referee     Result    
   France FrancePreviewBulgaria Bulgaria
   Luxembourg LuxembourgPreviewSweden Sweden
   Netherlands NetherlandsPreviewBelarus Belarus
 Monday 10 october 2016
Referee     Result    
   Belarus BelarusPreviewLuxembourg Luxembourg
   Netherlands NetherlandsPreviewFrance France
   Sweden SwedenPreviewBulgaria Bulgaria
 Sunday 13 november 2016
Referee     Result    
   Bulgaria BulgariaPreviewBelarus Belarus
   Luxembourg LuxembourgPreviewNetherlands Netherlands
   France FrancePreviewSweden Sweden
 Saturday 25 march 2017
Referee     Result    
   Sweden SwedenPreviewBelarus Belarus
   Bulgaria BulgariaPreviewNetherlands Netherlands
   Luxembourg LuxembourgPreviewFrance France
 Friday 09 june 2017
Referee     Result    
   Belarus BelarusPreviewBulgaria Bulgaria
   Netherlands NetherlandsPreviewLuxembourg Luxembourg
   Sweden SwedenPreviewFrance France
 Thursday 31 august 2017
Referee     Result    
   Luxembourg LuxembourgPreviewBelarus Belarus
   France FrancePreviewNetherlands Netherlands
   Bulgaria BulgariaPreviewSweden Sweden
 Sunday 03 september 2017
Referee     Result    
   Belarus BelarusPreviewSweden Sweden
   Netherlands NetherlandsPreviewBulgaria Bulgaria
   France FrancePreviewLuxembourg Luxembourg
 Saturday 07 october 2017
Referee     Result    
   Bulgaria BulgariaPreviewFrance France
   Sweden SwedenPreviewLuxembourg Luxembourg
   Belarus BelarusPreviewNetherlands Netherlands
 Tuesday 10 october 2017
Referee     Result    
   France FrancePreviewBelarus Belarus
   Luxembourg LuxembourgPreviewBulgaria Bulgaria
   Netherlands NetherlandsPreviewSweden Sweden
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