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10 May 06 (C3) UEFA CupEurope
Line-ups Middlesbrough 04Sevilla FC
27 Apri 06 (C3) UEFA CupEurope
After Extra Time  After Extra Time
Line-ups Sevilla FC 10Schalke 04Video
Line-ups Middlesbrough 42SteauaVideo
20 Apri 06 (C3) UEFA CupEurope
Line-ups Steaua 10MiddlesbroughVideo
Line-ups Schalke 04 00Sevilla FC
06 Apri 06 (C3) UEFA CupEurope
Line-ups Zenit 11Sevilla FCVideo
Line-ups Steaua 00RapidVideo
Line-ups Schalke 04 11Levski SofiaVideo
Line-ups Middlesbrough 41FC BaselVideo
30 Marc 06 (C3) UEFA CupEurope
Line-ups Rapid 11Steaua
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(C3) UEFA Cup 2005/2006
Europe Europe
Most Entitled Club since 1955/1958 Valencia CF
Participants 144  Total since 1955/1958 819
Matches 333  Goals 839  Average 2.52

Football - Competition : (C3) UEFA Cup 2005/2006
 Wednesday 10 may 2006
Referee     Result    
H. FandelLine-ups  England Middlesbrough 0 4Sevilla FC Spain
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