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General Ranking
Competition Total Home Away
Form table (last 6 matches)
Competition Total Home Away
Average time for first goal scored
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.332641
Average time for first goal conceded
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.504751
Number of matches without conceding a goal
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.29%45%10%
Number of matches without scoring
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.10%0%20%
Number of matches with over 2.5 goals
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.62%64%60%
Most frequent scores
Competition   Home Away
League 2-1 (2 times)2-2 (3 times)
All comp. 2-1 (3 times)2-2 (3 times)
Number of times the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.67%91%40%
Number of times the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.24%0%50%
Result after the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League64% w
36% d
0% l
88% w
13% d
0% l
0% w
100% d
0% l
All comp.71% w
29% d
0% l
90% w
10% d
0% l
25% w
75% d
0% l
Result after the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League0% w
67% d
33% l
0% w
0% d
0% l
0% w
67% d
33% l
All comp.0% w
40% d
60% l
0% w
0% d
0% l
0% w
40% d
60% l
Current streaks
Competition Total Home Away
League3 LL12 LL8 WL
All comp.2 WL15 LL9 WL
Srie A
League total
pl pts w d l gf ga  
15 28 7 7 1 26 15
Copa do Brasil
pl   w d l gf ga  
6   4 0 2 11 8
Overall total
pl   w d l gf ga  
21   11 7 3 37 23
25 July 15 Srie ABrazil
Line-ups Grmio 11Sport Recife
22 July 15 Copa do BrasilBrazil
Line-ups Santos 31Sport Recife
19 July 15 Srie ABrazil
Line-ups Sport Recife 20So Paulo
12 July 15 Srie ABrazil
Line-ups Sport Recife 22Palmeiras
08 July 15 Srie ABrazil
Line-ups Atltico MG 21Sport Recife
01 Augu 15 Srie ABrazil
Sport RecifePreviewCruzeiro
08 Augu 15 Srie ABrazil
Atltico PRPreviewSport Recife
12 Augu 15 Srie ABrazil
CorinthiansPreviewSport Recife
15 Augu 15 Srie ABrazil
Sport RecifePreviewPonte Preta
22 Augu 15 Srie ABrazil
FigueirensePreviewSport Recife
     Records     Number of Records     History     Official website
Sport Recife
Sport Club do Recife  Brazil Brazil
Founded in 1905  
City Recife Stadium Ilha do Retiro
Success rate 48%

Football - club : Sport Recife
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Brazil Danilo Fernandes27 yearsGoalkeeper16
Brazil Luiz Carlos27 yearsGoalkeeper
Brazil Magro38 yearsGoalkeeper5
Brazil Danilo23 yearsDefender7
Brazil Durval35 yearsCentre Back20
Brazil Ewerton Pscoa26 yearsCentre Back6
Brazil Henrique Mattos25 yearsDefender1
Brazil Matheus Ferraz30 yearsCentre Back14
Brazil Oswaldo22 yearsDefender5
Brazil Guilherme Andrade26 yearsDefender/Midfielder
Brazil Wendel33 yearsLeft Defender/Midfielder19
Brazil Ferrugem27 yearsDefensive Midfielder2
Brazil Rodrigo Mancha29 yearsDefensive Midfielder15
BrazilMatheus Galdezani23 yearsMidfield
Brazil Naldinho25 yearsMidfield
Brazil Pica-Pau20 yearsMidfield2
Brazil Regis22 yearsLeft Midfielder17
Brazil Rene22 yearsMidfield20
Brazil Rithely24 yearsMidfield20
Brazil Ronaldo21 yearsMidfield1
Brazil Samuel Xavier25 yearsMidfield15
Brazil Welton23 yearsMidfield
Brazil Willian22 yearsCentre Midfield1
Brazil Diego Souza30 yearsOffensive Midfielder16
Brazil Elber23 yearsOffensive Midfielder9
Brazil Marlone23 yearsOffensive Midfielder9
Brazil Andr24 yearsForward9
Brazil Hernane29 yearsForward
Brazil Maikon Leite26 yearsForward9
Brazil Mike22 yearsForward12
Brazil Samuel Rosa24 yearsForward14
Brazil Wallace18 yearsCentre Forward1
BrazilEduardo Baptista manager
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
0 - 15 mingf38%
15 - 30 mingf924% Matheus Ferraz - 2 goals
30 - 45 mingf719% Diego Souza - 2 goals
45 - 60 mingf38%
60 - 75 mingf616% Diego Souza - 3 goals
75 - 90 mingf924% Andr - 2 goals
1Hgf1951% Diego Souza - 3 goals
ga943% Gabriel - 2 goals
2Hgf1849% Diego Souza - 4 goals
Results by opponent
Brazil Brasiliense3110475%25%2.51
Brazil Joinville SC307475%0%1.751
Brazil ASA4115967%17%2.51.5
Brazil Guaratinguet4112467%17%20.67
Brazil Amrica RN5023663%0%2.880.75
Brazil Bragantino73181458%25%1.51.17
Brazil Paran96211253%35%1.240.71
Brazil Vila Nova GO204150%0%10.25
Brazil Atltico GO215450%25%1.251
Brazil Boa219850%25%2.252
Brazil Prudente216550%25%1.51.25
Brazil Atltico PR96251947%32%1.321
Brazil Coritiba83211744%17%1.170.94
Brazil Gois87221944%39%1.221.06
Brazil Figueirense64171243%29%1.210.86
Brazil Amrica MG3481543%57%1.142.14
Brazil Corinthians97262641%32%1.181.18
Brazil Palmeiras1110353339%36%1.251.18
Brazil Vitria68212035%47%1.241.18
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Brazil Hernane Mirassol 24 July
Brazil Ferrugem Vissel Kobe 13 July
Brazil Marlone Fluminense 11 June
Brazil Andr Atltico MG 10 June
Brazil Maikon Leite Palmeiras 22 May
Brazil Samuel Xavier Cear 15 May
Brazil M. Galdezani Rio Claro 04 May
Brazil Matheus Ferraz Boa 24 Marc

Brazil Vtor Santa Cruz PE 17 July
Brazil Joelinton Hoffenheim B 13 June
Brazil Felipe Azevedo Ponte Preta 06 May
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