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General Ranking
Competition Total Home Away
Form table (last 6 matches)
Competition Total Home Away
Average time for first goal scored
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.454149
Average time for first goal conceded
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.455242
Number of matches without conceding a goal
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.50%73%28%
Number of matches without scoring
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.23%18%28%
Number of matches with over 2.5 goals
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.33%27%40%
Most frequent scores
Competition   Home Away
League 0-0 (4 times)1-0 (4 times)
All comp. 2-0 (6 times)1-0 (4 times)
Number of times the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.48%73%28%
Number of times the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.31%5%56%
Result after the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League88% w
6% d
6% l
92% w
8% d
0% l
80% w
0% d
20% l
All comp.91% w
4% d
4% l
94% w
6% d
0% l
86% w
0% d
14% l
Result after the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League8% w
42% d
50% l
0% w
100% d
0% l
9% w
36% d
55% l
All comp.7% w
47% d
47% l
0% w
100% d
0% l
7% w
43% d
50% l
Current streaks
Competition Total Home Away
League2 LL, 2 CS21 LL, 2 CS
All comp.2 WI, 4 LL, 4 CS27 LL, 3 CS
Serie A
League total
pl pts w d l gf ga  
34 43 16 11 7 46 26
(C2) Cup Winners' Cup
pl   w d l gf ga  
9   7 2 0 16 4
Coppa Italia
pl   w d l gf ga  
4   3 0 1 6 3
pl   w d l gf ga  
1   0 0 1 0 2
Overall total
pl   w d l gf ga  
48   26 13 9 68 35
09 May 90 (C2) Cup Winners' CupEurope
After Extra Time  After Extra Time
Line-ups Sampdoria 20AnderlechtVideo
29 Apri 90 Serie AItaly
Line-ups Cremonese 03Sampdoria
22 Apri 90 Serie AItaly
Line-ups Sampdoria 00Cesena
18 Apri 90 (C2) Cup Winners' CupEurope
Line-ups Sampdoria 20MonacoVideo
13 Apri 90 Serie AItaly
Line-ups AC Milan 10Sampdoria
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UC Sampdoria  Italy Italy
Founded in 1946  
City Genoa Stadium Stadio Luigi Ferraris
Success rate 54%

Football - club : Sampdoria
Suggested by fra90snake
ItalyGiulio Nuciari29 yearsGoalkeeper
ItalyGianluca Pagliuca23 yearsGoalkeeper44
ItalyMarco Lanna21 yearsLeft/Centre Defender19
ItalyMoreno Mannini27 yearsRight/Centre Defender37
ItalyLuca Pellegrini27 yearsCentre Back23
ItalyPietro Vierchowod31 yearsCentre Back42
ItalyAmedeo Carboni25 yearsLeft Full Back37
SpainVctor Muoz33 yearsCentre Defender/Midfielder23
ItalyRoberto Breda20 yearsDefensive Midfielder
ItalyGiovanni Invernizzi26 yearsDefensive Midfielder26
SloveniaSrecko Katanec26 yearsDefensive Midfielder36
ItalyFausto Pari27 yearsDefensive Midfielder43
ItalyGiuseppe Dossena31 yearsCentre Midfield44
ItalyFausto Salsano27 yearsCentre Midfield39
Brazil Toninho Cerezo35 yearsCentre Midfield25
ItalyAttilio Lombardo24 yearsRight Offensive Midfielder43
ItalyEnrico Chiesa19 yearsCentre Forward
ItalyRoberto Mancini25 yearsLeft/Centre Forward41
ItalyGianluca Vialli25 yearsCentre Forward31
SerbiaVujadin Boskov58 yearsmanager
ItalyFrancesco Lamberti68 yearsscout
ItalyNarciso Pezzotti47 yearsTechnical Director
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
0 - 15 mingf610%Roberto Mancini - 2 goals
15 - 30 mingf712%Srecko Katanec - 2 goals
30 - 45 mingf1220%Gianluca Vialli - 4 goals
ga1031%Lothar Matthus - 2 goals
45 - 60 mingf1017%Roberto Mancini - 4 goals
60 - 75 mingf1118%Attilio Lombardo - 4 goals
75 - 90 mingf1423%Gianluca Vialli - 4 goals
ga413%Borislav Cvetkovic - 2 goals
1Hgf2542%Roberto Mancini - 6 goals
ga1753%Lothar Matthus - 2 goals
2Hgf3558%Gianluca Vialli - 9 goals
ga1547%Borislav Cvetkovic - 2 goals
Results by opponent
Switzerland Grasshops319475%25%2.251
Italy Ravenne305175%0%1.250.25
Italy Savoia316375%25%1.50.75
Italy Legnano3010475%0%2.51
Belgium Anderlecht216367%33%21
Italy Cosenza6017867%0%1.890.89
Italy Fermana205267%0%1.670.67
Italy Treviso419267%17%1.50.33
Italy Cavese2011267%0%3.670.67
Italy Salernitana74201758%33%1.671.42
Italy Ancona72231358%17%1.921.08
Italy Cittadella4011557%0%1.570.71
Italy Reggina93261256%19%1.630.75
Italy Pistoiese9219956%13%1.190.56
Italy Pro Patria104392056%22%2.171.11
Italy Reggiana5113556%11%1.440.56
Italy Pisa145351754%19%1.350.65
Italy Lecce207633253%18%1.660.84
Italy Pescara114372652%19%1.761.24
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Italy G. Nuciari Monza 01 July
Italy G. Invernizzi Como 01 July
Slovenia S. Katanec Stuttgart 01 July
Italy A. Lombardo Cremonese 01 July

Italy L. Pradella Padua 01 July
Italy S. Pellegrini AS Roma 01 July
Italy F. Bonomi Cremonese 01 July
Italy G. Bistazzoni Padua 01 July
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