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04 Augu 15 Egypt CupEgypt
Line-ups Petrojet 10Masr El Makasa
22 July 15 Egypt CupEgypt
Line-ups Masr El Makasa 11Dakhliya
on penalties20on penalties
11 July 15 Premier LeagueEgypt
Line-ups Masr El Makasa 21Ittihad
06 July 15 Premier LeagueEgypt
Line-ups Wadi Degla 21Masr El Makasa
21 Octo 15 Premier LeagueEgypt
Masr El MakasaPreviewShorta
01 Janu 16 Premier LeagueEgypt
ShortaPreviewMasr El Makasa
     Records     Number of Records     History
Masr El Makasa
Masr El Makasa  Egypt Egypt
Founded in 1999  
City Fayoum Stadium Fayoum Stadium
Success rate Unknown

Football - club : Masr El Makasa
Egypt Coco24 yearsGoalkeeper
EgyptMahmoud Hamdi21 yearsGoalkeeper
EgyptAhmed Masoud23 yearsGoalkeeper
EgyptHany Said35 yearsSweeper
EgyptAbdel Hamid Samy30 yearsSweeper
EgyptAhmed Samy Sweeper
EgyptMostafa Abdel Wahab Defender
EgyptAmr Ashraf Centre Back
EgyptAhmed Bakri35 yearsCentre Back
EgyptAhmed Farid24 yearsDefender
EgyptBasem Abdel Aziz Left Full Back
EgyptMohamed Aboel Magd Right Full Back
EgyptHosny Fathi26 yearsLeft Full Back
EgyptAhmed Hossam34 yearsRight Full Back
Egypt Kamha Right Full Back
EgyptMahmoud Wahid21 yearsLeft Full Back
EgyptSaleh Mousa29 yearsRight/Left Defender/Midfielder
EgyptAhmed Khairy28 yearsDefensive Midfielder
GhanaAbubakar Abdellatif Centre Midfield
Egypt Daouda26 yearsRight/Centre Midfielder
EgyptAhmed Fawzi Right Midfielder
EgyptAmr Barakat24 yearsLeft Offensive Midfielder
EgyptHoussen El Shahat Centre Offensive Midfielder
EgyptHesham Mohamed25 yearsCentre Offensive Midfielder
EgyptHoussen Ragab Offensive Midfielder
EgyptAlaa Shaaban26 yearsOffensive Midfielder
EgyptOmar El Said25 yearsForward
EgyptMohamed Gaber Centre Forward
EgyptEl Sayed Hamdi31 yearsCentre Forward
GhanaNana Poku27 yearsCentre Forward
EgyptAhmed Sameh21 yearsForward
MoroccoOmar Najdi28 yearsRight/Left Winger
EgyptEhab Galal48 yearsmanager
EgyptMostafa Kamal41 yearsassistant manager
EgyptHamad Ibrahim42 yearsassistant manager
EgyptMohamed Abdel Galil47 yearsHead of Youth Development
EgyptWalid Howeidy42 yearsSporting Director
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
Results by opponent
Egypt Alassiouty3085100%0%2.671.67
Egypt Ittihad5015571%0%2.140.71
Egypt El Nasr214367%33%1.331
Egypt Dakhliya409457%0%1.290.57
Egypt Zamalek227850%50%1.752
Egypt Petrojet33161150%50%2.671.83
Egypt Semouha45111444%56%1.221.56
Egypt Wadi Degla3214943%29%21.29
Egypt Moqaouloun329843%29%1.291.14
Egypt Telefonat113133%33%10.33
Egypt ENPPI317533%11%0.780.56
Egypt Shorta214429%14%0.570.57
Egypt Masry115525%25%1.251.25
Egypt Raja115525%25%1.251.25
Egypt Ghazl116420%20%1.20.8
Egypt Intag Harbi115420%20%10.8
Egypt Haras107614%0%10.86
Egypt Gouna1381111%33%0.891.22
Egypt Ismaily01350%20%0.61
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Egypt M. Gaber Aluminium 23 Augu
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Egypt M. Bazeid Free 31 July
Egypt A. Mousa Masry 31 July
Egypt M. Mosaad Masry 31 July
Egypt A. Farouk Free 31 July
Egypt A. Abdel Aziz Free 31 July
Egypt M. Kamal Retired 31 July
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