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26 Apri 14 ConferenceEngland
Line-ups Forest Green 11Wrexham
21 Apri 14 ConferenceEngland
Line-ups Luton Town 41Forest Green
19 Apri 14 ConferenceEngland
Line-ups Forest Green 22Woking
15 Apri 14 ConferenceEngland
Line-ups Macclesfield 12Forest Green
12 Apri 14 ConferenceEngland
Line-ups Dartford 01Forest Green
09 Augu 14 ConferenceEngland
SouthportPreviewForest Green
12 Augu 14 ConferenceEngland
Forest GreenPreviewChester FC
16 Augu 14 ConferenceEngland
Forest GreenPreviewAlfreton Town
23 Augu 14 ConferenceEngland
AldershotPreviewForest Green
25 Augu 14 ConferenceEngland
Forest GreenPreviewBristol Rovers
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Forest Green
Forest Green Rovers FC  England England
Founded in 1890  
City Nailworth Stadium The Lawn
Success rate Unknown

Football - club : Forest Green
EnglandSteve Arnold24 yearsGoalkeeper
EnglandSam Russell31 yearsGoalkeeper
Republic of IrelandPaul White19 yearsGoalkeeper
CameroonClovis Kamdjo23 yearsCentre Back
EnglandLuke Oliver32 yearsCentre Back
EnglandEddie Oshodi22 yearsLeft/Centre Defender
EnglandAarran Racine22 yearsCentre Back
EnglandDale Bennett24 yearsRight Full Back
EnglandJames Jennings26 yearsRight/Left Full Back
EnglandChris Stokes23 yearsLeft Full Back
WalesDavid Pipe30 yearsRight Defender/Midfielder
EnglandSam Wedgbury25 yearsCentre Defender/Midfielder
Sierra LeoneAl Bangura26 yearsDefensive Midfielder
EnglandAnthony Barry28 yearsCentre Midfield
EnglandKieron Forbes23 yearsCentre Midfield
EnglandElliott Frear23 yearsLeft Midfielder
EnglandMarcus Kelly28 yearsLeft Midfielder
EnglandRob Sinclair24 yearsRight/Centre Offensive Midfielder
Brazil Magno Vieira29 yearsRight/Centre Midfielder/Forward
EnglandKurtis Guthrie21 yearsForward
EnglandLee Hughes38 yearsCentre Forward
EnglandDaniel Martin18 yearsCentre Forward
EnglandJames Norwood23 yearsCentre Forward
EnglandLuke Rodgers32 yearsCentre Forward
EnglandDanny Wright29 yearsCentre Forward
EnglandAdrian Pennock43 yearsmanager
ScotlandDave Kevan45 yearsassistant manager
EnglandScott Bartlett35 yearsyouth coach
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
Results by opponent
England Hyde40183100%0%4.50.75
England Kingstonian517483%17%1.170.67
England Bath City4011380%0%2.20.6
England Weymouth5118771%14%2.571
England Stafford339850%50%1.51.33
England Chester City438950%38%11.13
England Dover5210950%20%10.9
England H&Y3291050%33%1.51.67
England Stockport217450%25%1.751
England Kettering87221950%44%1.381.19
England Chester FC203-150%0%0.75-0.25
England Histon42151150%25%1.881.38
England Dartford415250%13%0.630.25
England Burton Albion75232250%36%1.641.57
England Salisbury42171050%25%2.131.25
England Northwich95311745%25%1.550.85
England Aldershot64201543%29%1.431.07
England Hednesford327543%29%10.71
England Leigh Genesis43161340%30%1.61.3
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England R. Sinclair Salisbury 28 June
England E. Frear Salisbury 25 June
Cameroon C. Kamdjo Salisbury 13 June
England S. Arnold Free 06 June
England J. Jennings Free 03 June
England S. Wedgbury Stevenage 01 June
England K. Guthrie Free 01 June
Wales D. Pipe Newport 01 June
England J. Walker Southport 20 Apri
England B. Jordan Charlton 27 Marc
England M. Taylor Chester FC 10 Marc
England L. Rodgers Free 28 Febr
England L. Oliver Bradford 03 Febr

England M. Taylor Bristol Rovers 16 June
England B. Jordan Charlton 01 June
England J. Turley Swindon Town 01 June
England J. Walker Free 28 Apri
England P. Green Free 28 Apri
England A. McHugh Free 28 Apri
England S. Brogan Free 28 Apri
England E. Asafu-Adjaye Free 28 Apri
England Y. Klukowski Free 28 Apri
England J. Hodgkiss Free 28 Apri
England A. Mangan Luton Town 01 Apri
England A. Brown English Club 07 Marc
England M. Bulman Worcester City 07 Febr
England J. Williams Crystal Palace B 02 Febr
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