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General Ranking
Competition Total Home Away
Form table (last 6 matches)
Competition Total Home Away
Average time for first goal scored
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.475440
Average time for first goal conceded
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.364629
Number of matches without conceding a goal
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.41%56%30%
Number of matches without scoring
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.28%28%25%
Number of matches with over 2.5 goals
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.36%28%45%
Most frequent scores
Competition   Home Away
League 1-0 (4 times)1-1 (4 times)
All comp. 1-0 (5 times)1-1 (4 times)
Number of times the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.36%44%30%
Number of times the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.49%39%60%
Result after the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League83% w
17% d
0% l
86% w
14% d
0% l
80% w
20% d
0% l
All comp.86% w
14% d
0% l
88% w
13% d
0% l
83% w
17% d
0% l
Result after the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League20% w
27% d
53% l
50% w
17% d
33% l
0% w
33% d
67% l
All comp.21% w
21% d
58% l
43% w
14% d
43% l
8% w
25% d
67% l
Current streaks
Competition Total Home Away
League5 LL, 2 CS2 LL6 LL
All comp.2 LL7 LL
League total
pl pts w d l gf ga  
30 48 13 9 8 39 28
Intertoto Cup
pl   w d l gf ga  
4   2 0 2 7 2
Kupa na Bulgaria
pl   w d l gf ga  
5   4 0 1 11 4
Overall total
pl   w d l gf ga  
39   19 9 11 57 34
17 May 08 A PFGBulgaria
Line-ups Vidima 03Cherno More
14 May 08 Kupa na BulgariaBulgaria
Line-ups Cherno More 01Litex Lovech
10 May 08 A PFGBulgaria
Line-ups Cherno More 00Spartak Varna
04 May 08 A PFGBulgaria
Line-ups Belasitsa 11Cherno More
30 Apri 08 A PFGBulgaria
Line-ups Cherno More 21Litex Lovech
     Records     Number of Records     History
Cherno More Varna
FK Cherno More Varna  Bulgaria Bulgaria
Founded in 1913  
City Varna Stadium Ticha
Success rate 49%
Attendance 4533  Popularity 11' place

Football - club : Cherno More Varna
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BulgariaKaramfil Ilchev29 yearsGoalkeeper29
BulgariaKrasimir Kolev36 yearsGoalkeeper8
BulgariaIvailo Marinov26 yearsGoalkeeper
BulgariaA. D. Aleksandrov22 yearsDefender32
BulgariaRadoslav Bachev27 yearsDefender19
BulgariaNikolay Domakinov28 yearsDefender26
BulgariaDaniel Gramatikov19 yearsDefender
BulgariaMihail Lazarov28 yearsDefender14
BulgariaStanislav Stoyanov32 yearsDefender28
BulgariaKiril Dzhorov33 yearsFull Back20
Brazil Peris26 yearsLeft Full Back26
SerbiaKristiyan Sprecakovic30 yearsDefender/Midfielder2
BulgariaAleksandar Tomovski30 yearsDefender/Midfielder25
BulgariaDaniel Dimov19 yearsDefensive Midfielder7
BulgariaGeorgi Andonov25 yearsMidfield22
BulgariaDragomir Demirov19 yearsMidfield
BulgariaDaniel Georgiev25 yearsMidfield32
BulgariaPetar Kostadinov30 yearsMidfield10
BulgariaVladimir Kostadinov21 yearsMidfield4
Portugal Ricardo Andr25 yearsMidfield32
BulgariaAleksandar Yordanov Aleksandrov33 yearsMidfield33
Brazil Djalma32 yearsRight Offensive Midfielder11
BulgariaKonstantin Mirchev32 yearsOffensive Midfielder8
SerbiaMarko Djorovic25 yearsMidfielder/Forward
Brazil Fabinho26 yearsForward14
ArmeniaTigran Gharabaghtsyan24 yearsForward10
BulgariaTodor Kolev19 yearsForward12
BulgariaMiroslav Manolov23 yearsForward28
Brazil Marcos22 yearsForward14
CongoMoque Masena Matele Ago'o28 yearsForward17
BulgariaNikola Spasov49 yearsmanager
BulgariaKiril Vanguelov42 yearsscout
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
0 - 15 mingf816% Ricardo Andr - 2 goals
ga1029% Nei - 2 goals
15 - 30 mingf714%Aleksandar Yordanov Aleksandrov - 2 goals
30 - 45 mingf48%
45 - 60 mingf816%Aleksandar Yordanov Aleksandrov - 3 goals
ga618%Deniran Ortega - 2 goals
60 - 75 mingf1429%Moque Masena Matele Ago'o - 4 goals
75 - 90 mingf816%Aleksandar Yordanov Aleksandrov - 4 goals
1Hgf1939%Daniel Georgiev - 4 goals
ga2059% Nei - 2 goals
2Hgf3061%Aleksandar Yordanov Aleksandrov - 9 goals
ga1441%Zoran Baldovaliev - 2 goals
Results by opponent
Bulgaria Haskovo4071100%0%1.750.25
Bulgaria Rilski40113100%0%2.750.75
Bulgaria Svetkavitsa3051100%0%1.670.33
Bulgaria Mezdra4092100%0%2.250.5
Bulgaria Sliven5014183%0%2.330.17
Bulgaria Vidima7224770%20%2.40.7
Bulgaria Kaliakra4117667%17%2.831
Bulgaria Rodopa629667%22%10.67
Bulgaria Pirin Bg123241563%16%1.260.79
Bulgaria Vihren6215660%20%1.50.6
Bulgaria Montana93211460%20%1.40.93
Bulgaria Marek Dupnitza134351759%18%1.590.77
Bulgaria Minyor8222857%14%1.570.57
Bulgaria Pirin GD229650%50%2.251.5
Bulgaria Neftohimic201-150%0%0.25-0.25
Bulgaria Botev Vratsa213250%25%0.750.5
Bulgaria Lokomotiv GO207150%0%1.750.25
Bulgaria Botev1410443145%32%1.421
Bulgaria Varna83211144%17%1.170.61
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Bulgaria D. Gramatikov 01 Janu
Serbia K. Sprecakovic Elversberg 01 Janu
Armenia T. Gharabaghtsyan Pyunik 01 Janu
Brazil Peris Bacabal 12 July
Brazil Fabinho Club brsilien 11 July
Brazil Djalma Central 06 July
Bulgaria N. Spasov (man.) Cherno More 01 July
Bulgaria I. Marinov 01 July
Bulgaria D. Demirov 01 July
Bulgaria M. Lazarov Rodopa 01 July
Bulgaria T. Kolev 01 July
Portugal Ricardo Andr Gondomar 01 July
Bulgaria A. Yordanov Aleksandrov Ankaragc 01 July

Brazil Fabinho Pinhalnovense 01 Janu
Brazil Djalma Pinhalnovense 01 Janu
Bulgaria T. Palankov Pirin Blagoevgrad 01 July
Portugal P. Dias Retired 01 July
Kosovo E. Sulejmani Kastrioti Kruje 01 July
Bulgaria Y. Linkov Naftex Burgas 01 July
Bulgaria B. Velichkov Spartak Varna 01 July
Bulgaria Y. Petrov (man.) Naftex Burgas 01 July
Serbia M. Milosevic Alki Larnaca 01 July
Bulgaria S. Zhekov Bro Stara Zagora 01 July
Bulgaria M. Hristov Slavia Sofia 01 July
Bulgaria G. Vladimirov Inter Baku 01 July
Bulgaria V. Vatchev Kaliakra Kavarna 01 July
Bulgaria D. Genchev Bro Stara Zagora 01 July
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