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General Ranking
Competition Total Home Away
Form table (last 6 matches)
Competition Total Home Away
Average time for first goal scored
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.413747
Average time for first goal conceded
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.404041
Number of matches without conceding a goal
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.28%47%10%
Number of matches without scoring
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.38%21%52%
Number of matches with over 2.5 goals
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.45%42%48%
Most frequent scores
Competition   Home Away
League 0-0 (3 times)3-1 (4 times)
All comp. 0-0 (3 times)1-0 (6 times)
Number of times the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.33%47%19%
Number of times the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.58%37%76%
Result after the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League77% w
15% d
8% l
89% w
11% d
0% l
50% w
25% d
25% l
All comp.77% w
15% d
8% l
89% w
11% d
0% l
50% w
25% d
25% l
Result after the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League10% w
10% d
81% l
29% w
29% d
43% l
0% w
0% d
100% l
All comp.9% w
9% d
83% l
29% w
29% d
43% l
0% w
0% d
100% l
Current streaks
Competition Total Home Away
League3 LO, 8 WL4 WL8 LO, 9 WL
All comp.3 LO, 8 WL4 WL9 LO, 11 WL
Division 1
League total
pl pts w d l gf ga  
38 44 12 8 18 45 55
French Cup
pl   w d l gf ga  
1   0 0 1 0 1
Coupe de la Ligue
pl   w d l gf ga  
1   0 0 1 0 1
Overall total
pl   w d l gf ga  
40   12 8 20 45 57
18 May 96 Division 1France
Line-ups Paris S-G 51BastiaVideo
11 May 96 Division 1France
Line-ups Bastia 12Nice
27 Apri 96 Division 1France
Line-ups Martigues 31BastiaVideo
20 Apri 96 Division 1France
Line-ups Bastia 11Auxerre
10 Apri 96 Division 1France
Line-ups Metz 20Bastia
     Records     Number of Records     History     Official website
SC Bastia  France France
Founded in 1905  
City Bastia Stadium Stade Armand Csari
Success rate 30%
Attendance 5342  Popularity 14' place

Football - club : Bastia
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FranceAndr Biancarelli26 yearsGoalkeeper5
FranceDum Franchi22 yearsGoalkeeper2
FranceBruno Valencony28 yearsGoalkeeper35
FranceBruno Alicarte24 yearsDefender20
FrancePierre Maroselli29 yearsDefender35
GuineaMorlaye Soumah24 yearsCentre Back33
Brazil William28 yearsCentre Back21
FranceFrdric Darras30 yearsRight Full Back25
FranceJean-Christophe Debu32 yearsLeft Full Back10
FranceDidier Santini28 yearsLeft Full Back38
FranceFranois Caffarel21 yearsDefender5
FranceYves Frangini21 yearsDefender1
FranceCyril Rool21 yearsLeft Defender/Midfielder29
FranceJean-Jacques Eydelie30 yearsDefensive Midfielder24
FranceLaurent Moracchini28 yearsDefensive Midfielder19
PolandPiotr Swierczewski24 yearsCentre Defensive Midfielder37
FranceHerv Anziani20 yearsMidfield12
FranceRmy Loret24 yearsMidfield27
SenegalMamadou Faye28 yearsOffensive Midfielder39
FranceSauveur Aiello21 yearsMidfield4
MontenegroAnto Drobnjak28 yearsCentre Forward38
FrancePierre Laurent25 yearsCentre Forward28
FranceBruno Rodriguez23 yearsCentre Forward37
GuineaOusmane Soumah23 yearsCentre Forward
FranceFranck Vandecasteele28 yearsRight/Centre Forward6
FranceFrdric Antonetti35 yearsmanager
FranceJean-Marie De Zerbi36 yearsassistant manager
FranceSerge Delmas49 yearsHead of Youth Development
FranceBruno Lippini32 yearsyouth coach
FranceMichel Padovani34 yearsstaff
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
0 - 15 mingf511%
15 - 30 mingf511%Bruno Rodriguez - 2 goals
ga1119%Cyrille Pouget - 2 goals
30 - 45 mingf1124%Anto Drobnjak - 5 goals
45 - 60 mingf716%Anto Drobnjak - 6 goals
ga1119%David Zitelli - 2 goals
60 - 75 mingf716%Bruno Rodriguez - 3 goals
75 - 90 mingf1022%Anto Drobnjak - 5 goals
1Hgf2147%Anto Drobnjak - 7 goals
ga2239%Cyrille Pouget - 2 goals
2Hgf2453%Anto Drobnjak - 13 goals
ga3561%Fabien Lefvre - 2 goals
Results by opponent
France Aix4092100%0%2.250.5
France Libourne50147100%0%2.81.4
France Luzenac3082100%0%2.670.67
France Thonon3051100%0%1.670.33
France Bourges3111575%25%2.751.25
France Marignane213167%33%10.33
France Niort7117964%9%1.550.82
France Orlans5112763%13%1.50.88
France Avignon134402162%19%1.91
France Arles319360%20%1.80.6
France Troyes AF6322760%30%2.20.7
France Cannes133412457%13%1.781.04
France Gueugnon137322057%30%1.390.87
France Cercle Dijon52151056%22%1.671.11
France Tours105321956%28%1.781.06
France Paris FC5216956%22%1.781
France Toulon74181354%31%1.381
France AC Ajaccio1910483553%28%1.330.97
France Red Star103291753%16%1.530.89
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Brazil William Benfica 01 July
France D. Franchi 01 July
France R. Loret Toulouse FC 01 July
France J. Eydelie Benfica 01 July
France B. Alicarte Montpellier 01 July
Poland P. Swierczewski Saint-Etienne 01 July

France J. Canosi Poitiers 19 July
France E. Dewilder Gazlec Ajaccio 18 July
France B. Maraval Sochaux 01 July
France P. Camadini Perpignan-Canet 01 July
Brazil D. C. Flavio Retired 01 July
France J. Bernard Beaucaire 01 July
France G. Leclerc ASOA Valence 01 July
France F. Burnier Divonne 01 July
France L. Casanova Lyon 01 July
France S. Ziani Nantes 30 June
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