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General Ranking
Competition Total Home Away
Form table (last 6 matches)
Competition Total Home Away
Average time for first goal scored
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.545856
Average time for first goal conceded
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.403843
Number of matches without conceding a goal
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.24%23%21%
Number of matches without scoring
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.41%46%36%
Number of matches with over 2.5 goals
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.45%46%36%
Most frequent scores
Competition   Home Away
League 0-2 (3 times)1-0 (3 times)
All comp. 0-2 (3 times)1-0 (3 times)
Number of times the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.28%15%43%
Number of times the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
All comp.59%69%57%
Result after the team scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League50% w
17% d
33% l
50% w
50% d
0% l
50% w
0% d
50% l
All comp.63% w
13% d
25% l
50% w
50% d
0% l
67% w
0% d
33% l
Result after the opponent scores first
Competition Total Home Away
League7% w
7% d
87% l
13% w
0% d
88% l
0% w
14% d
86% l
All comp.6% w
6% d
88% l
11% w
0% d
89% l
0% w
13% d
88% l
Current streaks
Competition Total Home Away
League3 WL, 3 GL3 LL, 3 CS3 LO, 3 WL, 3 GL
All comp.4 WL, 3 GL2 WL3 LO, 3 WL, 3 GL
Liga I
League total
pl pts w d l gf ga  
24 10 5 4 15 19 36
Cupa Ligii
pl   w d l gf ga  
3   1 1 1 5 5
Cupa Romniei
pl   w d l gf ga  
2   1 0 1 5 3
Overall total
pl   w d l gf ga  
29   7 5 17 29 44
17 Febr 17 Liga IRomania
Line-ups Cluj 20Trgu Mures
10 Febr 17 Liga IRomania
Line-ups Trgu Mures 00Poli
03 Febr 17 Liga IRomania
Line-ups Astra Giurgiu 10Trgu Mures
21 Dece 16 Cupa LigiiRomania
Line-ups Trgu Mures 24Poli
18 Dece 16 Liga IRomania
Trgu Mures 30Pandurii TJ
25 Febr 17 Liga IRomania
Trgu MuresPreviewVoluntari
01 Marc 17 Cupa LigiiRomania
PoliPreviewTrgu Mures
04 Marc 17 Liga IRomania
SteauaPreviewTrgu Mures
     Records     Number of Records     History     Official website
ASA Trgu-Mures
ASA Trgu-Mures  Romania Romania
Founded in 2005  
City Târgu-Mureș Stadium Stadionul Trans-Sil
Success rate 24%
Attendance 1482  Popularity 12' place

Football - club : ASA Trgu-Mures
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PortugalJoo Pedro Mingote37 yearsGoalkeeper17
RomaniaBogdan Moga21 yearsGoalkeeper1
RomaniaEduard Pap22 yearsGoalkeeper3
RomaniaEduard Cornel Stancioiu35 yearsGoalkeeper6
RomaniaAdrian Viciu26 yearsGoalkeeper1
RomaniaClaudiu Belu Iordache23 yearsRight Defender13
RomaniaCristian Bloj23 yearsDefender
RomaniaSebastian Bucur20 yearsDefender4
RomaniaVictor Caliani20 yearsDefender
RomaniaMarius Constantin32 yearsCentre Back12
RomaniaAndrei Cordos28 yearsCentre Back19
RomaniaAlin Dobrosavlevici22 yearsCentre Back22
RomaniaZoltan Mihaly22 yearsDefender
RomaniaTorok Szabolcs23 yearsDefender
RomaniaTamas Szasz19 yearsDefender2
RomaniaGabriel Matei26 yearsRight Full Back21
SenegalGaston Mendy31 yearsLeft Full Back17
Spain Velayos29 yearsRight Full Back3
RomaniaCarlos Chertes17 yearsDefender2
RomaniaEmil Dica34 yearsCentre Defensive Midfielder15
RomaniaGabriel Muresan33 yearsCentre Defensive Midfielder16
SenegalOusmane N'Doye38 yearsDefensive Midfielder
RomaniaAdrian Borza32 yearsMidfield5
RomaniaRobert Candrea22 yearsMidfield22
RomaniaRaul Costin32 yearsCentre Midfield3
RomaniaRonaldo Deaconu19 yearsCentre Midfield12
RomaniaYasin Hamed17 yearsMidfield4
RomaniaTihamer Imreh20 yearsMidfield
IsraelAlon Netzer23 yearsMidfield8
RomaniaVasile Petra23 yearsMidfield1
RomaniaTiberiu Petris22 yearsCentre Midfield7
GreeceKostas Rougalas23 yearsMidfield3
RomaniaRares Stoica22 yearsMidfield
RomaniaAttila Tamas21 yearsMidfield
RomaniaSzilard Toto21 yearsMidfield
IsraelYuval Ya'acobovich24 yearsCentre Midfield10
FranceFlorent Andr25 yearsOffensive Midfielder2
RomaniaViorel Ferfelea31 yearsOffensive Midfielder2
Central African RDavid Manga28 yearsLeft Offensive Midfielder
RomaniaBanel Nicolita32 yearsRight Offensive Midfielder3
RomaniaIanis Zicu33 yearsVersatile Offensive Midfielder22
RomaniaLaurentiu Bus29 yearsLeft Midfielder/Forward
RomaniaCristian Balgiu22 yearsForward3
RomaniaMarius Batfoi26 yearsCentre Forward3
RomaniaAndrei Ciolacu24 yearsCentre Forward19
RomaniaAlexandru Ionita27 yearsCentre Forward8
NigeriaBenjamin Kuku21 yearsCentre Forward22
RomaniaVlad Morar23 yearsCentre Forward13
RomaniaSergiu Pacurar21 yearsForward
RomaniaCiprian Rus25 yearsCentre Forward12
RomaniaMarvin Schieb20 yearsCentre Forward2
RomaniaRazvan Stoica22 yearsForward
RomaniaRomeo Surdu33 yearsLeft Forward14
RomaniaLaszlo Tuzes21 yearsForward
RomaniaOctavian Ursu22 yearsCentre Forward8
RomaniaNorbert Feketics20 yearsCentre Forward10
ItalyDario Bonetti55 yearsmanager
RomaniaDan Alexa37 yearsmanager
RomaniaIlie Stan49 yearsmanager
ItalyClaudio Bozzini51 yearsassistant manager
RomaniaCarol Fekete goalkeeping coach
RomaniaGabriel Koszorus doctor
RomaniaAdrian Pop youth coach
yellow card
red card
sc. rate
0 - 15 mingf14%
15 - 30 mingf312%
30 - 45 mingf415%
ga1125%Azdren Llullaku - 2 goals
45 - 60 mingf623%Vlad Morar - 2 goals
60 - 75 mingf415%Benjamin Kuku - 2 goals
75 - 90 mingf831%Ianis Zicu - 3 goals
1Hgf831%Ciprian Rus - 2 goals
ga1943%Azdren Llullaku - 3 goals
2Hgf1869%Ianis Zicu - 4 goals
ga2557%Deivydas Matulevicius - 2 goals
Results by opponent
Romania Ceahlaul4016580%0%3.21
Romania Botosani4110767%17%1.671.17
Romania Chiajna6315960%30%1.50.9
Romania Mioveni207150%0%1.750.25
Romania Gloria Bistrita44121150%50%1.51.38
Romania Sportul3210750%33%1.671.17
Romania Metalul Resita203050%0%0.750
Romania Rapid427650%25%0.880.75
Romania CSM RV225450%50%1.251
Romania Gaz Metan449844%44%10.89
Romania Petrolul449844%44%10.89
Romania Voluntari214440%20%0.80.8
Romania Astra Giurgiu45151533%42%1.251.25
Romania Steaua57101931%44%0.631.19
Romania CSU Craiova34111230%40%1.11.2
Romania CSMS Iasi225829%29%0.711.14
Romania Slatina121225%50%0.250.5
Romania Viitorul C24121622%44%1.331.78
Romania Otelul25101222%56%1.111.33
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Spain Velayos Racing Ferrol 20 Janu
Greece K. Rougalas Free 19 Janu
Romania M. Batfoi Balotesti 14 Janu
Romania B. Nicolita Unknown 13 Janu
Romania E. Pap Luceafarul 09 Janu
Romania V. Ferfelea Free 01 Janu
Romania C. Balgiu Afumati 01 Janu
Romania I. Stan (man.) Free 28 Dece
Israel Y. Ya'acobovich Free 24 Sept
Israel A. Netzer Rt. HaSharon 22 Sept
Romania T. Petris Gaz Metan 01 Sept
Romania V. Morar Rapid 19 Augu
Romania C. Rus Free 18 Augu
Romania R. Costin Free 11 Augu
Romania R. Surdu Milsami Orhei 08 Augu
Romania D. Alexa (man.) Free 08 Augu
Senegal G. Mendy Unknown 05 Augu
Portugal J. P. Mingote Free 03 Augu
Romania R. Deaconu Free 01 Augu
Romania A. Ionita Farul 16 July
Romania C. Belu Iordache Poli 08 July
Romania M. Schieb U Cluj 01 July
Romania B. Moga Trgu Mures B 01 July
Romania V. Petra Tarlungeni 01 July
Romania Y. Hamed Trgu Mures B 01 July
Romania T. Szasz Trgu Mures B 01 July
France F. Andr Le Las 01 July
Romania E. Dica Baia Mare 01 July
Romania O. Ursu U Cluj 01 July
Romania I. Zicu Poli 01 July
Romania S. Bucur Din. Bucarest B 01 July
Romania A. Dobrosavlevici Clinceni 01 July
Romania A. Cordos Free 01 July
Nigeria B. Kuku Clinceni 30 June
Spain Carles Sosnowiec 29 June
Italy D. Bonetti (man.) Free 17 June

Romania O. Ursu Olimpia 29 Janu
Romania G. Matei Gornik Leczna 18 Janu
Romania V. Morar Viitorul C 13 Janu
Romania A. Ionita Free 13 Janu
Romania Y. Hamed Pandurii TJ 13 Janu
Romania A. Dobrosavlevici Chiajna 13 Janu
Romania A. Borza Free 13 Janu
Nigeria B. Kuku Botosani 12 Janu
Romania A. Cordos Maziya 11 Janu
Romania C. Belu Iordache Astra Giurgiu 10 Janu
Portugal J. P. Mingote CS Universitatea 04 Janu
Israel Y. Ya'acobovich Free 01 Janu
Israel A. Netzer Free 01 Janu
France F. Andr Free 01 Janu
Romania A. Viciu Free 01 Janu
Romania D. Alexa (man.) Free 22 Dece
Romania R. Costin Free 01 Sept
Romania V. Petra FC Brasov 01 Sept
Romania E. C. Stancioiu Steaua Bucaresti 30 Augu
Central African R D. Manga Bro Stara Zagora 26 Augu
Romania L. Bus Ramat HaSharon 25 Augu
Senegal O. N'Doye Cetate Deva 12 Augu
Italy D. Bonetti (man.) Free 06 Augu
Spain Carles Guijuelo 26 July
Moldova A. Dedov Milsami Orhei 21 July
Argentina R. Costa Atltico Rafaela 09 July
Croatia F. Jazvic Hapol Haifa 06 July
Romania S. Muth Gaz Metan Medias 01 July
Romania C. Voiculet Pandurii Targu-Jiu 01 July
Morocco M. Talibe Diaby Free 01 July
Montenegro S. Balic Sarajevo 01 July
Romania F. Csongor Sepsi 01 July
Argentina P. D. Brandan Viitorul Constanta 01 July
Spain Velayos Free 01 July
Romania I. Balaur Voluntari 01 July
Romania G. Tucudean Charlton 30 June
Spain Ivn Gonzlez Alcorcn 30 June
Argentina N. M. Gorobsov Hapol Tel-Aviv 25 June
Romania G. Ciorceri (man.) Free 20 May
Romania A. Mutu Retired 20 May
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